Twitter update brings new redesigned camera section with ‘Live’ mode for Periscope videos

“The Twitter update brings a new camera section that includes the option to select the ‘Live’ mode to start a Periscope live stream”

A new Twitter update with focus on photos is now rolling out. It brings a new camera section much like other social media apps like Snapchat, you will have to swipe to the left to open the camera view. Tapping the shutter takes the photo and holding it down captures a video.

The update allows you to select the ‘Live’ mode to start a Periscope live stream. At the moment, the feature is extremely basic with no filters, stickers and other fancy features. However, these will be available when you embed the picture in the main composer view. Photos and videos posted from the camera screen appear as regular tweets and it isn’t mimicking Snapchat. Twitter will show the media that is attached in a larger, more immersive format and the image will appear before the text in your tweet. It will also suggest hashtags based on nearby events and other signals and lets you add your own as well.

Twitter isn’t launching Snapchat or Instagram-like Stories feed with photos; instead, it wants users to use it as a lens for their world. The camera integration could make Twitter more accessible to new users. TechCrunch says Twitter isn’t giving Tweets with media a boost in the timeline, meaning the feed algorithm remains unchanged. Twitter recently launched its prototype Twttr beta app to experiment. The purpose of this app is like any other beta app – to test upcoming Twitter features and to gain feedback about them before rolling out the same to the public.