Twitter is down: social media service suffers outage in several parts of the world, including India

Over 50 percent of total reports are seeing issues on the Twitter website

Twitter is reportedly down in several parts of the world, including India. Many users have reported that the social media service is slow or not responding well, especially on the website. DownDetector, which provides real-time information on whether services are facing issues, mentions that there are problems at Twitter at around 10:00 AM IST. At the time of writing this story, there was a major spike in reports as per DownDetector. Over 50 percent of the reports faced issues with Twitter on the website, while Android app accounted for roughly 30 percent of total reported cases and 15 percent of the reports camera from iOS users. 

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It is still too early to say whether this is a major outage or a brief one. While users in India have been reporting issues, it seems the problem is worse in Malaysia, Thailand and Japan as per DownDetector. We will update this story once the service is back to normal.