Twitter is testing a feature to let users follow conversations

“Twitter ’Subscribe to conversation’ lets users subscribe to tweets without following anyone, liking, or replying to tweets”

According to Twitter user Jane Manchun Wong, who usually digs around the Twitter app code to find out upcoming features, the company is testing a new a way for users to follow conversation threads on the app without having to follow anyone or replying to tweets. The name ‘Subscribe to conversation’ makes the functionality of the upcoming feature pretty obvious. Twitter has confirmed the feature’s existence and said, “This is part of our work to make Twitter more conversational.”

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When users subscribe to a tweet, they will start receiving notifications whenever there is a reply on the subscribed conversation. This is surely an interesting way to improve user engagement on the platform which is what Twitter currently needs. Twitter in recent times has been actively pushing out new features and update to its app to improve the user experience on the app. It recently introduced a new camera section and launched Twttr prototype app. Accessible by swiping to the left, the camera section allows users to shoot photos, record videos or even go live on Periscope easily. It also recommends hashtags based on your location and events around you.

The Twttr app brings redesigned thread interface to make it easier to read, understand, and join conversations. All this points at Twitter’s motive to bring healthy user engagement and increase its user base which has been stagnant for quite some time now. As for the ‘Subscribe to conversation’ feature, since it is currently in the testing phase, it might be a while before it is widely rolled out to the public or the company might change its decision and shut down the feature altogether.