Twitter testing new ‘Bookmarks’ feature to save tweets for viewing later

Twitter is testing a new feature named “Bookmarks” that will help its 330 million monthly active users privately flag tweets for viewing at ease when they have time.

In October, the micro-blogging platform announced that it is developing a bookmarking feature to save tweets. Keith Coleman, Head of Product, had tweeted that the new feature #SaveForLater was in the works.

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“News from the #SaveForLater team! We’ve decided to call our feature ‘Bookmarks’ because that’s a commonly used term for saving content and it fits nicely alongside the names of the other features in the navigation,” Tina Koyama, a staff product designer at the company, tweeted late on Thursday.

The feature will help users keep a separate list of items they want to refer back to, instead of using the heart (aka “favourite”) button, which can indicate more of a “like” — similar to the “thumbs up” button on Facebook, had reported.

Jesar Shah from Twitter said the feature was popularly requested by users, adding that many people, “especially in Japan”, had asked for this ability. The new feature may appear in a menu in the bottom right corner of a Tweet on smartphones.

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