Only 5 days left to update your Aadhaar card information for free: here’s how to do it

  • UIDAI is offering Aadhaar card detail update services free of cost for Indian residents online
  • The service can be availed via the myAadhaar portal until June 14th
  • The physical Aadhaar centres also continue to offer information update services, but will charge Rs 50 for the same

If you’ve been looking to change/update your name, address and date of birth on your Aadhaar Card, now is the right time to do it. Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is offering this service for free on its online portal until June 14th.

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Indian residents are now being encouraged to update their credentials for no cost via the myAadhaar portal. The process can also be undertaken via physical Aadhaar centres across the country, but that’ll come at a cost. 

How to update your Aadhaar card details myAadhaar portal for free?

UIDAI is encouraging citizens to update their Aadhaar Cards, especially if your ID was made 10 years ago. To update the Aadhaar-linked information, you will have to upload new documents on the portal.

  1. Log into the myAadhaar portal. For this, you would require your Aadhar number and registered mobile phone handy. You can then scroll down and click on the ‘Document Update’ tab.
  2. You can then verify your existing details and go on and click on the next hyperlink.
  3. One can then select Proof of Identity and Proof of Address and you can then proceed to upload scanned copies of the updated information. The list of accepted documents is given on the website.
  4. You will be given a 14-digit Update Request Number (URN), which can be used to check the status of updation.
  5. Once the information is updated, you can get your latest Aadhaar card.

This drive is being conducted free of cost when residents use the myAadhaar portal. This will help the government develop updated demographic data by acquiring up-to-date information on its registered citizens. The process can also be undertaken via registered Aadhaar centres across the country at a cost of Rs 50.