Updated Ather 450X electric scooter unveiled in 4 new colours: extended battery warranty, better features and more

Ather has just made the 450X an even better package with this midlife update...

  • Ather has announced four new colour options on the updated 2023 Ather 450X electric scooter
  • Ather has also announced the Ather Battery Project which extends warranty on the battery pack to five years
  • The company is also providing a lucrative degradation scheme for existing 450X customers

Ather Energy introduced the updated 2023 Ather 450X Gen 3 at the Ather Community Day 2023. The new Ather 450X Gen 3 gets a new colour palette that now offers a choice of four new colour options along with the existing options and also gets some practicality add-ons like a new seat and a small frunk in the front apron.

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Ather has also introduced an updated version of its in-house vehicle software, the Atherstack 5.0, which features a UI design overhaul, advanced map support, Hill Hold, etc. Ather has also started offering an extended warranty on the battery pack and has launched an upgrade program for older customers.  

The 2023 Ather 450X Gen 3 electric scooter

Ather Energy has updated the Ather 450X Gen 3 with four new colour options, Cosmic Black, Lunar Grey, Salt Green and Ravishing Red. The popular electric scooter now gets a new seat that has been redesigned to enhance riding comfort. The seat has been narrowed in the front to aid comfort for shorter riders, while it has been flattened in the middle to accommodate larger frames. The rear seating for the pillion rider has also been raised slightly to add support.

Overall, Ather claims that the thickness of the foam has gone up by 14 percent, all in the quest to provide comfort. Ather has made the seat backwards compatible, which means that older 450X models can also swap to use the new seat. The Ather 450X also benefits from a small cubby space for storing knickknacks.

Ather Energy has also unveiled an updated version of its vehicle software with the latest one being called the Atherstack 5.0. The new software sports a revamped UI design and a new information layout. Ather has also upgraded the map experience as the navigation services which were co-developed with Google, now feature Vector Maps with layering, live traffic display and perspective change features. The overall experience is also supposedly smoother much like on a modern-day smartphone.

The new software has now also introduced the Hill Hold or Auto Hold function on the 2023 450X Gen 3 which can help riders manage tricky situations on inclines. The company has also mentioned that it will be working on other software-guided features such as Cruise Control, Crawl Control and Advanced Regen, which will be introduced at a later stage. 

Ather extended warranty program, upgrade option

Besides, Ather also launched an extended warranty program that adds two years of additional warranty cover over and above the three years on the battery pack. The company guarantees that the battery will hold 70 percent of its battery health even after five years. Ather calls the new program the Ather Battery Project, which can be availed by existing owners and will also come as a standard package on any new Ather electric scooter.

The Bengaluru-based EV startup has also initiated an upgrade program for existing Ather 450X Gen 1 customers. Scooters that are more than three years old can upgrade to a new one for Rs 90,000 while customers upgrading from a less than three years old 450X can get the new one for Rs 80,000. Buyers who are willing to upgrade by March 2023, will get an additional benefit of Rs 10,000.