Valorant Mobile release date, download, gameplay, and everything else you need to know

Since Riot launched Valorant on PC, the game has become incredibly popular on the platform. Following the success of Valorant on PC, the developer is building the game for Android phones as well as iPhones. Reports about Valorant Mobile development started popping up online back in May 2021, with official confirmation coming from Riot in June 2021. The developer wants to offer “the same competitive Valorant experience” on mobile phones as it is available on PC. Here’s all you need to know about Valorant Mobile release, beta, gameplay, and more.

Valorant Mobile release date

Besides confirmation of development, Riot hasn’t announced any details regarding the release date of Valorant Mobile. Since it is a AAA title coming to mobile, the developer will need several months for development. That being said, Valorant Mobile seems to be in development from May 2021. Riot is expected to announce the Valorant Mobile release date soon.

Will there be a Valorant Mobile beta?

Valorant leaker Valorleaks has recently revealed that Valorant Mobile may get a beta in the future. The leaker claims that beta access will be given using an invite system, where players will be able to invite their friends to try out Valorant Mobile beta. The Valorant Mobile beta is seemingly months away from release. Since none of this information is confirmed by Riot yet, it should be taken with a grain of salt. However, we have seen games like BGMI and Apex Legends Mobile getting a soft-launch. Therefore, it won’t be surprising to see Valorant Mobile get a beta or soft-launch before a full global launch.

Valorant Mobile pre-registration

Valorant Mobile is expected to be available for pre-registration as the game enters the final stages of development. The registration details are likely to kick off for Android first, followed by iOS. Riot will announce more details about Valorant Mobile pre-registration in the coming months.

Valorant Mobile download

Valorant Mobile will be available to download via Google Play Store and App Store after it is launched worldwide. Riot Games will share more details about the download size and system requirements of Valorant Mobile in the future.

Valorant Mobile gameplay

The gameplay experience of Valorant Mobile is expected to be quite similar to what you get in PC. Players could start as a squad of 5 players on a map with options to buy weapons, equipment, and shields. Then, the squad that eliminates their opponents or defuses the Spike wins. Just like the PC version, Valorant Mobile will have various characters like Sage, Jett, Yoru, Omen, and others who come with special tactical abilities that assist in combat. Along with these, the game may also come with mobile-exclusive modes, similar to what you can see in Apex Legends Mobile.

Will Valorant Mobile support cross-play?

Valorant Mobile may support cross-platform progression, allowing you to switch platforms and carry over progression on PC as well as mobile. The game may not support cross-play where mobile players can compete against PC players, as it would not be fair. PC players are likely to have an advantage over mobile players, with more intuitive controls and higher frame rates.

The Valorant Mobile, if launched, will most likely be available for free on Android as well as iOS.