Valorant download size: How to download on PC/ laptop for free, system requirements, and more

Valorant is a FPS PC game that came out in June last year and has been developed by Riot Games.

Valorant download: Valorant continues to garner massive traction with its first-person shooter profile for PC gamers. Most people associate FPS games with Call of Duty and Counter-Strike, but Valorant has built its reputation to be reckoned among the best in the business. The biggest appeal of Valorant is that you can download it for free and PC gamers don’t need heavy artillery to play it. Valorant has only come out in June 2020 and in less than a year it has made quite a mark among players. So if you need help with how to download Valorant on PC for free, read this detailed guide that gives you answers.

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How to download Valorant on PC/ laptop for free

Valorant comes from Riot Games, which has developed and published the title. Valorant players need to become agents and for that, you have 13 character names like Jett, Raze, Skye, Sova and Viper among others to choose from. The free-to-play FPS game can be downloaded straight from the Riot Games website. Follow these steps to download Valorant on a PC/ laptop powered by Windows 10, 7, and 8 for free.

Valorant download
  • Go to Valorant game website
  • Click on Play Now button
  • Login using Riot Games account username and password
  • You can create a new Riot Games account by signing up
  • The page will redirect you to download option
  • Install the setup file and Vanguard anti-cheat software
  • Valorant is now available on your Windows 10/7/8 PC or laptop

Valorant download size for PC

Valorant is free to download and play on PC for gamers. The game has characters and you can buy weapons using in-game purchases. But the initial Valorant size is 65.5MB that later develops into a larger game with over 4GB in size. This is why you need to make sure the PC has a decent amount of storage available for Valorant to download and play.

Valorant system requirements for PC

Valorant is compatible to run on basic systems which is why the minimum requirement is dependent on what machine you have and how you want the performance to be. Going by that logic, Valorant gives you the option to play in 30FPS, 60FPS and 144FPS quality. Here are the Valorant minimum system requirements to run on PC

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (minimum), Intel Core i3 (recommended) and Intel Core i5(high-end)
  • RAM: 4GB
  • VRAM: 1GB
  • GPU: Intel HD 4000 (minimum), GeForce GT 730 (recommended) and GTX 1050 Ti (high-end)


How to play Valorant on Android

Valorant is not available for Android mobile users just yet. You have other FPS games that can be downloaded from app store to play on Android mobile.

How to play Valorant on iOS

Valorant is not available yet on iOS devices either. You have other FPS games that can be downloaded from Apple App store to play on iPhone.

How to download Valorant on Mac OS

Riot Games is not offering a MacOS-compatible version of Valorant. So you cannot play Valorant on Mac system.

Can you buy character, weapons in-game using money?

Yes, while Valorant is available for free you can buy new skins, weapons using money inside the game and build a strong character profile and armoury for your agent.

Can PC users download Valorant for free?

Yes, Riot Games is the developer and publisher of the game, and Valorant download for PC is free to all and available through its main website. All you need is a Riot Games account.

Can I play other games using Riot Games Account?

Yes, Riot Games account is not only applicable for Valorant, you can play other games available through the publisher as well. You can log in using the username and password and download or play the available games on PC, mobile and more.