Viral video: iPhone 11 Pro saves a Ukrainian soldier’s life, stops a bullet during war

An Apple a day keeps bullets away.

  • A video of a Ukrainian soldier being saved from a bullet by his iPhone 11 Pro has gone viral.
  • The clip was shared on Reddit, and has received a lot of response so far.
  • Turns out the iPhone 11 Pro is way more durable than we thought.

Apple iPhones are usually known for being premium devices with a good build quality and a secure mobile experience. These things, however, have become the new normal in our lives, so we don’t often tend to give the iPhones the credits they deserve. Take this recently-gone-viral video for instance. A viral video of a Ukrainian soldier being saved from a bullet by his iPhone 11 Pro gives us yet another chance to appreciate the now dated device. After all, who needs a bulletproof jacket when there’s an iPhone doing the job, right?

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iPhone 11 Pro saves a soldier

iPhone saved the life of a Ukrainian soldier. Maybe it’s after such videos that Russians, instead of plate carriers, put Macbooks in their bulletproof vests? from ukraine

The video, shared on Reddit, shows an alleged Ukrainian soldier taking out his iPhone 11 Pro from his backpack. The damaged iPhone is clearly shown in the video, which still has the bullet stuck inside. Turns out the device was strong enough to not let the bullet penetrate and, thus, harm the soldier. Had the phone not been there, the bullet could have turned out to be fatal.

Ever since the video was posted, it has received more than 3,000 upvotes on Reddit. Several comments, jokes, and suggestions have started pouring in. One user jokingly wrote, “An apple a day keeps the doctors away!”, while one suggested, “Why not create a bulletproof vest with the material used in a smartphone? It will be much lighter!”, but the last one is our personal favourite. One user commented, “Shot on iPhone, or rather, shot in iPhone.”

Though the incident sounds like a miracle and, up to an extent, too good to be true, we sincerely hope that the soldier was safe and sound, and for the world to be a better and a more peaceful place to live. Long live the makers of the iPhone 11 Pro, who potentially saved the said soldier in a life-threatening situation.