Vivo overtakes Samsung in November 2019 to become biggest smartphone vendor in Indian offline market: GfK

“Vivo’s market share went from 23 percent in October 2019 to 24.7 percent in November, while Samsung went from 24.7 percent to 21.6 percent, the data shows”

Vivo has outperformed South Korean electronics giant Samsung in the offline smartphone market of India for the first time ever. According to a report by GfK, Vivo in November sold more smartphones than Samsung in the vast offline smartphone market of India for the first time ever, marking for one of the biggest achievements for the brand since its entry into India a little less than a decade ago. According to the data, Vivo’s share in the offline market went from 23 percent in October 2019 to 24.7 percent a month later, In the same period, Samsung dropped from 24.7 percent to 21.6 percent and Xiaomi went from 20.8 percent to 21.5 percent.

The other big brands in the offline market are OPPO and Realme – the former’s market share dropped slightly, from 16.5 percent to 16.3 percent, while the latter grew from 5.7 percent to 7 percent during the two months. An interesting thing to note in the data is that Samsung’s market share has eroded from a massive 35.8 percent in November 2018 to 21.6 percent a year later. Vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi, and more recently Realme have gained at Samsung’s expense in the last year.

Samsung was, for the longest time, the largest smartphone vendor of India. While it was overtaken by Xiaomi on overall terms, it still retains a hold in the offline market of India, thanks to its massive distribution and retail network across the country. In comparison to Chinese OEMs such as Xiaomi and Vivo, Samsung has been in India for a much longer time and has been more of a household name since it also deals in household appliances and more.

Vivo, meanwhile, has seen significant growth in recent times and focused on the offline market to fuel this growth. This has helped the brand to grow into one of the top three smartphone vendors of India. According to IDC’s market data from November 2019, Xiaomi led the overall market in November 2019 with 30.4 percent market share. Samsung came in second with 21.1 percent market share, while Vivo ranked third with 16.9 percent. It is expected that market share reports for the entire Q4 2019 will show a reshuffle in the order, with Vivo or Realme perhaps overtaking Samsung.