Vu Cinema Smart TV: just what you need to turn your home into a movie theatre

For movie buffs, the thing they are missing the most during the coronavirus pandemic is watching their favourite films on the big screen while munching on some popcorn or samosas. Well, it doesn’t look like theatres will be opening anytime soon, making the TV more important than ever as your entertainment centre. This is definitely the best time to upgrade your TV to replicate the same experience. That’s why the recently launched Vu Cinema FullHD Smart TV is something that every moviegoer should take a look at. This 43-inch model offers full-HD 1920x1080p resolution and carries forward most of the excellent features that the company’s highly successful 4K Cinema TV brought with it in January, allowing buyers to watch all the latest films being released on OTT platforms with the same immersive theatre experience from the comfort of their homes. Vu has already sold its first batch of Cinema Smart TVs in Indian and claims it is the fastest-selling TV for the brand.

An amazing display

The most highlight-worthy feature of the new 43-inch Vu FHD Cinema Smart TV is its advanced IPS panel. This high brightness screen comes with a colour enhancer and wide viewing angles to deliver a superb cinema viewing experience. Complementing those traits is its ability to offer high brightness across all the edges and corners and its accurate white balance. This is also an energy-saving panel. In fact, the TV even comes with a special power saver capacitor aimed at reducing energy consumption and keeping a check on your electricity bills.

Features that have crossed over from the 4K Cinema TV range include Adaptive Luma Control, which gives you tight control over the contrast levels of the screen, and Digital MPEG Noise Reduction that cleans up block noise around the outlines to provide ultra-clear pictures. The PC and Game modes offer calibrated refresh rates along with optimised brightness levels for long hours of viewing, while the Cricket mode generates depth around the cricket ball to make it visible against the differently coloured backgrounds in the stadium. This is a crucial feature for any cricket fan, especially right now since Test cricket is all set to resume on July 8th with the England vs West Indies series.

This new 43-inch Vu full-HD TV comes with a quad-core processor with 8GB storage and 1GB RAM. The latest-generation processor and the built-in data compression and upscaler technology help it stream the video-on-demand content smoothly.

Mind-blowing sound

The cinema experience has as much to do with the sound as it does with the visuals. The folks over at Vu have understood this and have equipped their new set with a 40-watt soundbar. The aim of this assembly is to deliver perfectly balanced sound output to recreate the immersive sound effects that fascinate us at the movies. For this, it takes the help of a 4-speaker arrangement, which includes 2 master speakers and 2 tweeters. While the former take care of low and mid-frequency sounds like vocals and bass, the latter are reserved for higher frequency sounds like trebles. And as if this full-range audio delivery system wasn’t enough, the Vu Cinema Smart TV also ships with support for Dolby Audio Processing that optimises the overall sound quality to make the dialogues in your movies clearer and more natural.

All your favourite apps

The fact that this new TV comes preloaded with Android 9.0 makes sure that you have full access to all the entertainment apps that you need. The Google Play Store is present on it, offering you its rich library of apps, movies, TV shows, and games. And top apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Hotstar come pre-installed on the Vu 43-inch FHD TV. In fact, the remote that ships with the TV features quick-access buttons for Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play Store. This is, of course, the Vu ActiVoice Remote that has crossed over from the 4K range. Just the press of a button gives you access to voice search that supports not just English but also Hindi. Searching for a movie you’re trying to watch will no longer involve the long process of typing its name manually using the virtual keyboard.

The new 43-inch Vu Cinema FHD TV is a true blue smart TV, meaning you can use it to cast content from your phones as well. Viewing your photos, videos and other content can now be a swift experience as you can use its Google Chromecast and iPhone Screen Mirroring support to cast anything on the big screen. In fact, it is the only model in this price segment to offer the iPhone mirroring feature! Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi, headphone jack, and USB as well as HDMI ports are also part of the package.

In order to learn to use all the great features of the TV, you won’t need to search for anything online. All you have to do is launch the Vu Help app on the TV, and answers to all your questions will be available there. Everything from setting the TV up to establishing connectivity and navigating its interface is explained in detail in this app.

Bezel-less design for an immersive experience

For a TV that’s aimed at replicating the cinema experience, this model really does have the right design. Its bezel-less approach takes the immersion levels up a notch; it also enhances the overall looks of the panel, making it a perfect fit for any room you decide to set it up in. The Vu Cinema Smart TV is made from a robotic assembly process that helps assemble all the layers of the LED panel more precisely. This, in turn, not only ensures that the panel offers even brightness across all the edges but also delivers better calibration of the black and white balance for the right colour tones. You can, thus, expect uniform pictures and colours across all corners, without the Mura effector clouding.

As we said, the Vu Cinema Smart TV is the perfect way to bring the movie-going experience into your homes during the COVID-19 crisis. At the moment it’s really uncertain when we’ll get to see the theatres open up again, so it’s wise to invest in a large TV that gives you the complete cinema experience without hurting your bank balance much.


Vu has taken the Indian TV market by storm since it launched the first model in 2016 and brought its first Android TV to the country in 2018. With over 15 lakh already sold, Vu has gained the confidence of users across the country. The 43-inch Vu Cinema Smart TV, which is sure to continue its streak of success, has been priced at just Rs 21,999, making it light on your wallet. There’s also a 32-inch model with HD resolution that’s going for just Rs 12,999. Both these TVs are available for purchase right now via Flipkart. At these prices, the two offerings have little competition in the market, and those prices look even more attractive when you take a look at the kind of features these TVs offer.