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5 things to know about Jio AIR FIber

When did Jio announce Air Fiber?

Jio announced Air Fiber at the Reliance AGM held on 29 August 2022

What is Jio Air Fiber?

Jio Air Fiber is a wireless plug-and-play 5G hotspot device.

What is the utility of Jio Air Fiber?

Jio Air Fiber enables gigabit-speed internet, which further helps in activities like Cloud Gaming, Augmented Reality, and watching immersive sports content.

When will Jio Air Fiber launch?

Jio said 5G services will roll out in India by Diwali 2022. The Jio Air Fiber is expected to launch shortly after 5G services have rolled out.

When will Jio Air Fiber be available?

Jio 5G services will launch in select cities by Diwali 2022. Since the Jio Air Fiber will rely on 5G network, it is expected to launch in the same list of cities with 5G availability.