WhatsApp beta gets new ‘Archived Chats’ section, ‘Ignore Archived Chats’ feature spotted too

“WhatsApp’s ‘Ignore archived chats’ feature will prevent both non-muted and muted chats from getting unarchived if they were archived even once in the past”

WhatsApp was reported to be working on new Vacation Mode which, when enabled, is said to keep the muted chats archived automatically. Now, courtesy of WABetaInfo, the feature has again spotted under “Ignore archived chats” name in the latest beta update for Android which brings the version number to v2.19.101. Since it is in the testing phase, the feature isn’t available right away. The update also adds a dedicated “Archived chats” section to the app’s main menu.

WhatsApp Archived section

The latest beta update doesn’t bring any significant features except for the “Archived chats” section. But thanks to this minor visual change, users can quickly access the archived chats without having to scroll down to the bottom in the chat feed. Under the new section, users will be presented with the list of all their archived chats. WhatsApp will soon introduce a vacation mode dubbed “Ignore archived chats” which, when enabled from the WhatsApp Notification Settings, will prevent archived chats from being unarchived when users receive new messages.

WhatsApp ignore Archived Chats

WhatsApp’s “Ignore archived chats” feature is slightly different from the Vacation Mode. The latter could prevent chats from being unarchived only if they were muted, but the former can also prevent both muted and non-muted chats get unarchived if they were archived even once in the past. Archived chats won’t be unarchived until the user manually unarchives them. Details regarding the new feature’s rollout are a mystery for now but should be out soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

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