WhatsApp gets one step closer to becoming an e-commerce platform of sorts with Catalogs

“This will make it easier for the customers get information about all products sold by a small business” 

WhatsApp has launched a new feature called Catalogs in the Business app that makes it a digital storefront of sorts. Catalogs will make it easier for customers to learn about all the products and services being provided by a small business. Instead of sending several messages and asking the business to share images about a product, customers can now take a look at their Catalog for all the details in one place. Shoppers might not be able to buy the products directly from the Catalog at the moment, but with the official WhatsApp Payments launch (forever) around the corner, it brings the app step closer to becoming an e-commerce platform of sorts. In fact, it is quite similar to Google Pay’s Spot platform.

Prior to this, businesses had to share product images, information, and other details as messages. This wastes a lot of time for both the buyer and the seller. With Catalog, businesses can now be more professional and keeps the customer interested by making everything happen within the app. Businesses can add details such as price, product code, description, images, and more in the Catalog. This can be done for all the items available in the store. 

WhatsApp has been running a trial of the feature in certain regions and has received great response from small businesses. One of the early users of Catalog feature stated that it made it easy for the customers to learn about the products, check images, and see the pricing. This also helped improve sales as the whole process was less time consuming. The catalog will be stored in WhatsApp’s servers, and not on the users phone. This helps in saving storage space on the phones of both the customers and the business owners. 

Creating a Catalog using the WhatsApp Business app is said to be quite an easy process and take only a few minutes. The Catalog option is available in Settings > Business Settings in the WhatsApp app. Here, businesses can upload images, add product descriptions, and pricing. As of now, the Catalog feature is available to WhatsApp Business users in Brazil, India, Germany, Mexico, U.K, and the United States. WhatsApp has promised that it will roll out catalogs to other regions around the world. The feature is available on both iOS and Android.