WhatsApp reportedly working on Community feature similar to Discord groups and channels

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new Communities feature for the instant messaging service. Read on to find out more.

  • WhatsApp reportedly working on Community feature.
  • Evidence suggests the WhatsApp Community feature is similar to Discord’s groups and channels.
  • WhatsApp Community to allow admins to add new users to the community via links.

Facebook aka Meta-owned WhatsApp has recently been working on expanding its horizons and up its game when it comes to the feature set it offers. Now, there are findings that suggest that WhatsApp is currently working on a Communities feature that might be added to the instant messaging service application in the future. XDA Developers back in October suggested the same and now WABetaInfo has joined the band stating the same. The mounting evidence of the feature’s existence strengthens the case. The Community feature has greatly been popularised by Discord and is fairly similar to how Discord and its Channels operate in function. 

WhatsApp working on a new Community feature 

XDA Developers back in October got their hands on the clue to this new Community feature that WhatsApp is reportedly working on. XDA tore down the APK content of the new feature and excavated some back end details that gave us an overview of what to expect. They also firmly concluded that the Communities feature will be a new addition to WhatsApp and will exist parallelly alongside Groups in WhatsApp. 

Now WABetainfo has produced some more evidence that supports the speculation behind the new Communities features on WhatsApp. WABetainfo suggests that WhatsApp’s Community feature will mainly transmit more control to Community admins to take other groups into a parent umbrella. This is fairly similar to how Discord communities and channels operate. Admins of the Communities will be capable of inviting more users into the Community via Community Invite Links. Users can then start communicating with other members. While the look and feel of the feature still remain unknown, WABetainfo has disclosed that the feature seems to be end-to-end encrypted. 

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Subtle design changes to differentiate the Communities feature from WhatsApp’s Group feature can be expected. WABetainfo stated that the icons which were initially squared with rounded corners were earlier activated and then quickly disabled. Finer details like these will be more evident once this feature is officially confirmed WhatsApp starts rolling them out onto the Beta versions.