WhatsApp might remove time limit for ‘delete message for everyone’ feature

  • WhatsApp working on removing the time limit of deleting messages.
  • The delete message for everyone currently has a time limit of 68 minutes.
  • A clear release path for this feature is still unknown.

WhatsApp is a hugely popular messaging service that over the years has garnered a massive user base. Being a smartphone application, the WhatsApp messaging service has grown from strength to strength often pushing improvements and optimisations that make it an alternative to a simple SMS. However, when it comes to new-age features WhatsApp still has a good way ahead to catch up and one such area is to delete sent messages. While the feature was introduced back in 2017, it has always had a set time frame within which can one delete a message for everyone. Once the time frame exceeds, the chance to delete a message goes. However, this might soon change. 

WhatsApp to remove time frame to delete messages

The popular messaging service introduced the delete feature back in 2018 but however set a time frame within which one would have to execute the action in order to remove a message for everyone. However, now this might change as WhatsApp might roll out an update that removes the time limit involved when it comes to deleting messages. Currently, WhatsApp allows its users up to 4,096 seconds (68 minutes and 16 seconds) to delete a message after it was sent. 

WABetaInfo has now exposed evidence from the latest WhatsApp Beta release that the time-binding on deleting messages has been removed. For now, a time limit for executing this action has not been realised meaning one can delete a message sent at any point in time in the chat. The new functionality doesn’t have a clear path of launch and might be dropped completely. The unavailability of this feature across all beta versions of WhatsApp also suggests that the feature is still a long way from realising and possibly undergoing development. 

In the recent past, WhatsApp has undergone a lot of work with the introduction of end-to-end encrypted chat backup, cashback rewards upon the usage of WhatsApp Pay, etc. This new update to enhance the chat delete feature might take some time to reach our phones.