WhatsApp for Android will soon allow you to choose quality of photos you send

  • WhatsApp for Android currently has image quality options in beta
  • WhatsApp was earlier spotted testing sending high-quality videos
  • There are three image quality options available in WhatsApp beta v2.21.14.16

WhatsApp is now looking to add one of the most useful features to its messaging app in a very long time. If you have used WhatsApp to share images with your friends and family, you most likely know how the app’s compression usually decreases image quality to a point where it often gets frustrating. As spotted by WABetaInfo, in WhatsApp beta v2.21.14.16 for Android, the app allows you to choose between three different image quality options – Auto, Best quality, and Data saver. You will be able to find the image quality settings in the Storage and data menu, where it has been listed as ‘Photo upload quality’.

WhatsApp image quality settings
Image: WABetaInfo

If you choose the ‘Auto’ setting, which is also recommended by the app, WhatsApp’s algorithm automatically detects the compression technique that will be suitable for your image. If you use the ‘Best quality’ option, the app will send across the best possible quality of the image. Finally, the ‘Data saver’ option will use an aggressive compression technique that will greatly reduce the size of the image, which will be beneficial for those who are not in access to a good network, but also result in poor image quality.

As this feature is currently in beta and is being tested, we might have to wait for a while before we see it in the form of an official update. Notably, WhatsApp was previously seen testing a feature to send across high-quality videos as well. Considering that people usually have to switch to either Google Drive or Gmail while sharing high-quality images and videos with their friends and family right now, these new options surely will be a welcome change. Let us know what you think about these updates.