WhatsApp group members limit increased to 1,024; Android and iOS stable update to roll out soon

The messaging app had only recently increased the group chat members limit to 512 members.

  • WhatsApp group members limit will soon increase to 1,024 users.
  • The new feature is currently being rolled out to a limited section of beta users.
  • WhatsApp increased the group chat cap from 256 users to 512 users a couple of months ago.

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is working on a new update that will allow users to add upto 1,024 people in a single WhatsApp group. This is a quick upgrade as WhatsApp recently increased the group chat’s member limit from 256 users to 512 users.

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As per a report from WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo, the new update enabling users to have an increased group limit will be rolled out soon but for the time being, it has been rolled out to only a limited section of beta testers. The stable update for increased group limit for both Android and iOS is expected to roll out soon. “WhatsApp is now releasing another important feature this week on WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS: the ability to add up to 1024 participants to groups.”

How to check whether you are one of the lucky WhatsApp beta users

Some lucky users have already received the update and are able to see the expanded member limit while creating a group chat. You can also check whether you have been one of the lucky beta testers by doing the following:

WhatsApp group limit

However, the only change is with respect to the limit of members. Other than that, the group chat is going to be exactly like how it has always been. This increased group chat limit will help users running big businesses or enterprises in promoting and broadcasting information related to their organisations and selling products as they will be able to communicate with more users at a single time. Thus, it will be time efficient as well.

It also seems like WhatsApp is trying to reach par with its contemporaries. However, even then the instant messaging app’s adversary, Telegram is already way ahead as it provides its users the ability to have a single group chat with 200,000 people.

As per the report, the instant messaging app is also working on more features like a list of pending group participants and a group membership approval system for future updates.