WhatsApp Joinable Group call: How to join WhatsApp group voice/ video missed call

WhatsApp is allowing users to join a missed group video or voice call. Here's how it works for mobile users.

After multi-device support, WhatsApp has introduced the Joinable Group call feature on its platform. The feature allows users to join a group video/ voice WhatsApp missed call without someone having to call them back. It also allows users to drop and rejoin the WhatsApp call as long as it’s still active. Up until now, there was no such option for users. Only the participants in an active call had the option to add members during a voice or video call on the platform. The WhatsApp Joinable Group call feature will give you the comfort that you can join the call as per your convenience, the Facebook-owned company said in a blog post. If you are wondering how the WhatsApp Joinable Group call feature would work, here’s a quick guide:

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How to join WhatsApp group voice/ video missed calls

WhatsApp has shared a detailed demo video of the WhatsApp Joinable call feature and this is how it’s going to work:

WhatsApp Joinable Group Call feature
  • To join WhatsApp group missed call, open the social messaging app
  • Swipe right to the call log section
  • Here you will see the active call at the top of the feed
  • Tap WhatsApp group voice/ video call you want to join
  • A list of participants who are already on the call will appear on your screen. If in case anyone has not joined yet, you can add more participants to the call from your contact list. By any chance, if the person has still not joined the call, you can send them a reminder via the Ring option right next to their name on the call list
  • Hit the ‘Join’ button to join the call. There is an Ignore button that lets you cancel the request to join the call

That’s it! This is how you can join WhatsApp group voice/ video missed calls. You can leave the group call by ending the session with the help of the red call button. WhatsApp says even after that, you can reconnect to the group, as long as the call is still active. All these calls will be end-to-end encrypted.

However, the company is yet to confirm which version of the app will get this option, and will it come to Android only or even iOS too. WhatsApp has been testing this feature for beta users on iOS and Android over the past few weeks. The test interface was similar to Apple FaceTime, and the official video suggests the same. While there is no timeline as to when joinable calls will go live for all, it seems the latest version of the app for iOS and Android should be gradually getting them.

Group calls came to WhatsApp in 2018 and after its initial limit of 4 users per session, WhatsApp increased the support to 8 members.