WhatsApp ‘Message Yourself’ feature starts rolling out to all

Message Yourself feature, earlier part of a beta trial, is now being rolled out for iOS and Android users.

  • WhatsApp is now rolling out a new feature called the Message Yourself feature.
  • This feature enables WhatsApp users to send messages to themselves.
  • The feature was initially exclusive to WhatsApp beta users 

It seems WhatsApp has officially started rolling out its much-anticipated new feature called ‘Message Yourself’, after testing it on the beta version for a while. Following the update, every WhatsApp user, whether Android or iOS, will be able to chat with themselves or take down notes without others reading them. It is sort of a new feature on WhatsApp as Message Yourself doesn’t require you to go to your browser and enter your phone number next to the https://wa.me/91 URL to text yourself. The feature is built-in on the messaging platform. Here’s everything you need to know about it:

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How will the new feature work

WhatsApp Message Yourself

The earlier report clarified that whenever users try to log into their WhatsApp accounts from a mobile device, they will be able to see their own names at the top of the contact list. This chat will be visible and accessible only to the user himself and the user will be able to send messages to this chat exactly as one sends messages to the other chats. This is much like a personal chat to be precise.

Several users have tried to incorporate this personal chat earlier as well, by creating a group with one member and then removing that member, thus leaving the group with only the user. Personal chat works as an essential feature as users can save urgent and important notes, send crucial messages, documents, links, images, videos, and other data which they might want to save somewhere and at the same time want to keep to themselves rather than sharing it with someone else over WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, the Message Yourself feature was unavailable for testing at the time of writing. However, we will keep an eye on the update and try to keep you posted. So, stay tuned to 91mobiles.