Here’s how WhatsApp plans on reminding you of its new privacy updates

Users will start seeing banners that explain the new WhatsApp Privacy policy

  • WhatsApp re-assures that it cannot read or listen to private users’ conversations
  • The company also guarantees that it doesn’t keep any logs or share contact lists with Facebook
  • Users will be shown the new policy features in status and given their own time to understand and accept the terms

Earlier this year, when WhatsApp first announced its updated privacy policy, it faced a lot of backlash from users. There was a lot of confusion and misinformation regarding the new changes. When the company first announced the new policy, it stated that users had to accept the changes by February 8th or they wouldn’t be able to use the app. The company later postponed this and announced that users would be given time to review the policy and the last date to accept these changes will be May 15th. Now, in a new blog post, the company speaks about all the feedback it received and how it will make it easier for the user to understand the changes.  

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WhatsApp Privacy Policy update

The blog post states that the company has reviewed weeks of feedback and also spent virtual time with users from several countries. It has learnt that the users were concerned that WhatsApp would listen or read people’s private conversations, and share private data with Facebook. However, that’s not what WhatsApp will be doing and it has communicated this better with Status updates that can be seen by all users. It also plans on including more information within WhatsApp that people can access anytime. 

Starting soon, some WhatsApp users will start to see a banner that invites them to take a look at the are privacy policy. Instead of a full-screen alert, users will be made aware of the changes in a subtle manner. The banner would make it so that people can read and review the changes in their own time. Once the D-day gets closer, the company would remind users to review and accept the changes to keep using WhatsApp. The blog post says that WhatsApp is committed to protect its users’ privacy and security. 

The company also elaborated how chats with businesses on WhatsApp work, and how it makes money. Basically, WhatsApp will charge the business a fee to provide customer service on the app. Some of these businesses would also include Facebook connectivity so as to cross manage inventory across the two apps. All of the information is provided directly on WhatsApp allowing users to choose if they want to chat with a business. 

WhatsApp is also aware that hoards of its users are leaving the app for others with better privacy features. To this, the company states that if an app doesn’t offer end-to-end encryption, then it can read the users messages. It urges users to review and take their own time to understand the new privacy policy and affirms that WhatsApp won’t be able to read or share any private data.