WhatsApp privacy policy deadline: your account won’t be deleted, but this is what will happen

WhatsApp privacy policy deadline on May 15th has been relaxed and the company assures your account will not be deleted.

  • WhatsApp has extended its deadline for users to accept its new privacy policy. 
  • Users who have not accepted new terms and conditions can use the app without any troubles. 
  • However, WhatsApp will send persistent reminders and you will eventually have to accept the policy.

WhatsApp’s somewhat sketchy privacy policy will come into effect starting May 15th. As expected, users are still not satisfied with WhatsApp’s explanation about the matter, and its repeated assurances have done little to assuage the doubts in people’s minds. Users stand to lose key functionalities on the messaging platform had they refused to accept the new terms of service by May 15th. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, as the messaging platform has given users more time to think about it. You can find out more about it on the FAQ page

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WhatsApp will not delete your account on May 15th

WhatsApp has clarified that your account will not be deleted and you will not lose functionality if you do not accept the new privacy policy by May 15th. However, WhatsApp has made it abundantly clear that this is only a temporary respite. After a few weeks, WhatsApp’s reminder will become persistent, and eventually, users will have to accept the new terms and conditions to retain the full functionality of the app.

While it is possible to dismiss the reminders for some time, you’ll gradually lose the ability to send and receive messages outright. At the very least, WhatsApp won’t delete your account and let you keep your data. 

If the new WhatsApp privacy policy is a bit too confusing, refer to our post from earlier that explains it in detail. Alternatively, you can switch to one of the many WhatsApp alternatives that are available on the market. Lastly, if the new privacy policy disgusts you and you want nothing to do with WhatsApp, here’s how you can go about deleting your account.