WhatsApp to let you undo a deleted text, feature spotted in beta

Delete a WhatsApp message after two days or undo it!

  • WhatsApp now lets you delete a message two days after sending it. 
  • Beta users can now undo a deleted message. 
  • Undo deleted messages feature could soon be available publicly. 

Deleting a wrong message or only deleting it for you can be embarrassing when you send something inappropriate to the intended person or a text to an unintended person. Thankfully, WhatsApp now lets you delete that awkward message two days after sending it. But what if I accidentally clicked on ‘Delete for me’, you ask? Well, WhatsApp lets you undo a deleted message, sadly for the beta users only, for now.

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Previously, both features were spotted in beta and anticipated to go live publicly soon. While the extended time limit to delete messages is now available for everyone, the undo deleted message remains beta exclusive but is now available to a handful of beta testers. We hope to see it soon on the other side.

Undo a deleted WhatsApp message

WhatsApp undo deleted message

As mentioned before, this feature gives you an option to undo a deleted message via a small pop-up at the bottom with an undo button. As for the time of writing this story, the undo a deleted message feature is available to a handful of beta testers on Android with app version (via), but some can find this on an older version of the beta app too. A plan for a broader rollout of this feature is in the pipeline.

While this is still in beta version, meaning no guarantee of public rollouts, like other recently added features, we hope to see it on the global version of WhatsApp.

You can now delete that WhatsApp message after two days

WhatsApp announced this handy feature on Twitter, stating users now have over two days to delete a message instead of one hour. You can hold a text and choose Delete – Delete for everyone to get rid of the shenanigan. But before you go on a deleting spree, know that this feature only works when the recipient has updated to the latest version of WhatsApp.