WhatsApp group call with up to 8 people now available on iOS and Android

After downloading the new update, users will be able to hold voice or video calls with up to eight people.

  • WhatsApp update for iPhone and Android phones increases group call limit to eight people
  • The company assures group calls will be end-to-end encrypted
  • The new group call limit is available for iPhone and Android users

Update: The new eight-person WhatsApp group calling limit first rolled out for iPhone users and is now available on Android via a new update from Google Play Store. The story has been updated to reflect the same.

iPhone and Android phone users can now make group video or voice calls on WhatsApp with up to eight people. The new limit was previously spotted in a WhatsApp beta update following which Facebook confirmed that it would bring the feature to the chat service soon. Now, a new update is available for WhatsApp on iOS via the App Store and WhatsApp for Android via the Google Play Store. After downloading the update, users will be able to hold voice or video calls with up to eight people.

The new limit comes amidst the coronavirus pandemic that is forcing millions of people to connect with friends and family using video chat apps while staying at home. Facebook said that over 700 million accounts participate in calls on Messenger and WhatsApp every day. The new limit will now allow you to hold voice or video calls with up to eight people, which is double the previous limit. 

How to make eight-person voice or video calls on WhatsApp?

After WhatsApp has been updated to the latest version on iOS and Android, head over to a group that has more than 4 participants. You can then tap on the call option on the top right corner and select up to seven people (excluding yourself). Once you’ve selected the participants, you can choose to either voice call or video calls them. 

The update also brings end-to-end encryption for group calls up to eight people. This ensures that Facebook will not be viewing or listening to your calls. Facebook recently launched Messenger Rooms, which is a video chat service that can support up to 50 people on a call, but the product, however, is not end-to-end encrypted.