WhatsApp shopping button lets you shop directly from chats

WhatsApp shopping button will roll out through an OTA update and will allow users to browse a business' product catalog without leaving the app.

  • WhatsApp shopping button lets you directly browse a business’ catalog
  • The new shopping button will replace the voice call icon on the chat window
  • WhatsApp shopping button will arrive via an OTA update soon

WhatsApp shopping button has been added to the chat app, making it easier than ever to shop directly from the platform. Users will see the new shopping button on WhatsApp Business chats that have a shopping catalog. They can tap on the shopping button to directly see a business’ product catalog without having to leave the chat app. The new WhatsApp shopping button is now rolling out for all users via an OTA update soon. It will be placed where the voice call option used to be. Users now have to tap on the multi-purpose call button and choose between voice and video instead. 

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WhatsApp for business has picked up a lot of pace ever since its inception two years ago. A company spokesperson now says that a staggering 175 million people use the service on a daily basis, with over 4 million of them based in India. Furthermore, a recently conducted survey suggests that connectivity via an instant messaging medium like WhatsApp is a must for about 76 percent of Indian adults. Given the abrupt and indefinite closure of brick and mortar stores, more businesses are flocking to WhatsApp to sell their wares. Here’s a quick glimpse at how WhatsApp’s new ‘Shopping’ button will work. 

With the festive season approaching, WhatsApp’s new shopping feature should come as a boon for many small businesses. It streamlines the whole process of making a purchase, as customers can now pick a product, interact with the seller via text/voice, and even pay for it all without leaving the app. Things will get a lot better once WhatsApp Pay makes its way to more users after officially launching last week.