When Sensible meets Sensational, it all makes SENS!

The hybrid lifestyle that we have adopted especially after the pandemic has created a need for products that are not only fresh but also break away from the clutter. The essence of the need is also to find something that is affordable, has impactful features, and offers an excellent after-sales service. But the fact of the matter is that there’s so much similarity between all the products that it kills the need to stick to a particular brand.

The answer to this is- a unique blend of sensible and sensational. Or in other words, a mix of style and functionality. We hear a company called SENS is entering the wearables and hearables market with a mission to address that soon. While SENS hasn’t officially revealed any details about the smart devices that they are going to be launching, we have some insider information for you.

To start with, these smart devices are going to be 100 percent made in India. In addition to that, SENS is set to arrive with some interesting industry-first technologies that have been trademarked by the makers. As we said, there is a lot of competition for such devices right now but this company’s focus on providing unique technologies will definitely help it in challenging the established players.

We have been told that SENS will be focussed on selling products in the budget and mid-range categories. When it comes to the wearables and hearables market, this price bracket is the most crowded in India. But that’s also why we think there’s huge potential there if manufacturers do have their own USPs.

Aimed at fulfilling the needs and aspirations of Indian Millennials and GenZ consumers, this product portfolio is rumoured to have some of the industry-first trademarked technologies for a superior consumer experience. One such technology is IIC™ (Intelligent Insta Connect) – a feature that lets consumers seamlessly pair their earbuds as soon as they open the lid. Another feature is going to be SVVC™ (Smart Video Voice Connect) which significantly reduces latency in select TWS and neckbands and keeps the audio/video in seamless sync. We also hear that SENS is going to announce products with a trademarked fast charging technology too that will offer a quick charge facility to refuel the device to full capacity in record time. Along with that, we hear that the smartwatch portfolio will come featured with the latest technologies like AMOLED Display, BT calling, Orbiter, etc.

SENS has hinted that the new products will be sold via one of the largest e-commerce players in the country, making them easily accessible to the masses in India, and across regions. Not just that, they are going to be available at special launch prices and with offers including free straps. Their marketing approach seems to be very customer-centric too- they have hinted at adopting a new approach using platforms that are actually going to speak directly to their target audiences. All of this sounds quite exciting, doesn’t it?

The brand seems to be here to carve its niche and what we think is going to be an aggressive player in the hearable, wearable, and fitness ecosystem. Let’s see how this story unfolds.