Joy e-bike Wolf+, Nanu+, and Del Go electric scooters launched in India: check price, specifications

Joy e-bike has launched three new e-scooters in India, priced around Rs 1 lakh.

  • Joy e-bike has launched three new high-speed electric scooters in India
  • The Wolf+, Nanu+ and Del Go prices in India start from Rs 1 lakh
  • The e-scooters offer a 55kmph top speed and a 100km range along with other practical features

Joy e-bike has launched three new premium electric scooters in India, the Wolf+, the Gen Next Nanu+, and the Del Go. The e-scooters enter the Indian automotive market which is already flooded with many electric scooters, especially with more established players such as the Ola S1 Pro, Ather 450x, Bounce Infinity E1, Bajaj Chetak, and Simple One. The three new e-scooters from Joy E-Bikes are all priced around Rs 1 lakh in India, putting the trio into the premium high-speed electric scooter segment. The Wolf+ and the Gen Next Nanu+ e-scooters are meant for private use while the Del Go e-scooter is intended to serve in fleets. 

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Wolf+, Nanu+, Del Go prices in India

All three e-bikes, the Wolf+, the Gen Next Nanu+, and the Del Go, are priced around Rs 1 lakh, which seems to be the sweet spot for most e-scooters. The Wolf+ has been priced at Rs 1.10 lakh while the Nanu+ gets a sticker price of Rs 1.06 lakh. The fleet operation-oriented Del Go is priced at Rs 1.14 lakh. All the three bikes have relatively lower sticker prices as compared to many competitors, given they are part of the ‘Make in India’ initiatives with localisation effort to keep costs down. 

Wolf+, Nanu+, Del Go specifications 

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The Wolf+ and Nanu+ are private users-oriented and deliver a stylish and modern look with the integration of new-age design elements such as LED lighting and sporty-looking panels. The Wolf+ is adequate for larger frames with more accommodating seating and a healthy 740mm seat height. The Nanu+ gets a slightly lower 720mm which can come in handy for shorter riders. However, both the scooters sit at 160mm above the ground, meaning that tackling bad roads is a breeze with a high GC. 

Features such as LED lighting, three drive modes, i.e. Eco, Sports and Hyper, reverse mode, GPS sensing, real-time position, geo-fencing, theft-proof auto-lock, twin disc brakes, etc are also on offer. Both the Wolf+ and Nanu+ come with 1.5kW (20Nm) BLDC electric motors paired to 60V35Ah battery packs that offer a top speed of 55kmph and offer a range of 100km. A full charge of the battery takes about 4 to 5 hours. Mechanicals includes regenerative braking via the twin-disc system, tubeless tyres, and hydraulic front and rear suspension. A companion app is also available that lets one access connected features. 

The Del Go is a fleet-oriented scooter with a simpler yet modern styling and has a high 820mm seating height. This e-scooter has a fleet operator-friendly digital dashboard with downloadable ride reports, geo-fencing, etc. The Del Go too posts a claimed range of 100km.