Xiaomi says MIUI will have fewer intrusive ads, cracks down on vulgar notifications

“Xiaomi plans to regulate all forms of ads shown on MIUI and tighten the rules for advertisers to restrict vulgar ads”

Xiaomi faced a lot of criticism for serving ads in the UI, which the users have called intrusive to the smartphone experience and outraged over. Acknowledging the feedback, the brand in April promised to revamp its MIUI custom skin to reduce the frequency of annoying advertisements. Now, in a Weibo post, a MIUI Experience General manager has detailed all the significant changes that have been in the offing to enhance the user experience further.


The Xiaomi executive claims the company will now regulate all form of advertising on MIUI more strictly as well as tighten the rules for advertisers to restrict vulgar content. Furthermore, the executive also confirmed the company already started advertising rectification and dropped a lot of pesky ads, vows to further reduce the advertising spots in the UI in the next three months. Xiaomi intends to limit and restrict vulgar advertisements that are being pushed through its browser as well. Moreover, the Chinese brand aims to bring more refreshing and lightweight MIUI in about three months, presumably referring to MIUI 11. Additionally, all of the MIUI pre-installed apps and tools would serve refined ads that are less intrusive.

Since Xiaomi has a 5 percent profit margin on every hardware product it sells, it serves full-screen ads to generate revenue. Back in April, Xiaomi confirmed it will revamp its custom UI to reduce the frequency of pesky advertisements. However, this all means that Xiaomi doesn’t want to get rid of advertisements in the UI completely; instead, they would be less annoying than before. Either way, we should know all the change made when Xiaomi introduces MIUI 11 officially in the coming days.