Xiaomi overtakes Apple to become world’s second-largest smartphone brand in Q2 2021: Canalys

The worldwide smartphone shipment grew 12 percent in Q2 amid Covid-19 recovery in a few markets.

  • Xiaomi is now the second-largest smartphone brand worldwide after Samsung
  • The company has secured a 17 percent market share and an 83 percent growth rate annually
  • OPPO and Vivo are in fourth and fifth places with a 10 percent market share each

Samsung has been the world leader in the smartphone business, followed by Apple, for a long time. However, for a brief period, Huawei pushed Samsung and Apple aside and occupied the top position. However, the Chinese giant was blacklisted by the US government and barred American companies from working and supplying components to the company. Cashing in on the gap, Xiaomi has now secured second place, leapfrogging Apple and taking the second position after Samsung with a 17 percent market share worldwide in Q2 2021. This was thanks to, of course, the 83 percent growth rate that Xiaomi has clocked annually, according to Canalys Research. Xiaomi has been consistently launching flagship and mid-range phones at various price points, giving users a choice and this seems to have worked for good.


According to Canalys Research, Samsung has remained the leading smartphone brand globally with a 19 percent market share in the second quarter of 2021, while Xiaomi has managed to secure a market share of 17 percent in Q2 2021. Apple is in the third position with a 14 percent market share in terms of smartphone shipments. OPPO and Vivo are in fourth and fifth with a 10 percent market share each.

While this is good news for Xiaomi in general, it remains to be seen whether it can hold the position from OPPO and Vivo, which are off late launching high-end phones at reasonable price tags.

And while Xiaomi has been able to successfully ship more and more devices, its phones’ average selling price is much lower than Apple and Samsung’s. In fact, Xiaomi phones’ on average sell for 75 percent less than Apple’s and 40 percent less than Samsung’s.

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The Canalys report says that Xiaomi Mi 11 series has managed to increase shipments by more than 300 percent in Latin America, 150 percent across Africa, and 50 percent in Western Europe. On whole, the worldwide smartphone shipment grew 12 percent in Q2 amid Covid-19 recovery in a few markets. Sadly enough, Huawei is not even in the top five smartphone brands list anymore.