POCO F1 to receive 960fps slow-motion and Night Mode in next two weeks


“India General Manager, POCO, Manmohan Chandolu also tweeted that 4K recording at 60fps will be added via a stable update next month”

The world’s most affordable Snapdragon 845 powered smartphone, the POCO F1 is set to receive 960fps slow-motion recording and Night Mode feature in the next two weeks, announced Manmohan Chandolu, POCO India General Manager on Twitter. He further stated that the battery drain and touch issues, which many users are facing will also be optimized as part of the update package. In his second tweet he also mentioned that support for 4K recording at 60fps will be rolled out via a stable update in February, further adding that “we are working with our partners to also provide Widevine L1 certification. We will continue to focus on providing the best experience on POCO F1.”

Xiaomi’s handset has been marketed as the most affordable performance driven smartphone but it hasn’t been without its set of problems. In the past few months users have reported multiple bugs including problems with the touch inputs, notification panel, Bluetooth pairing, absence of a notch disabling function and battery drainage issues among others. While Manmohan Chandolu’s tweets did address a few, many problems didn’t find a mention. However some users in the twitter thread did raise the point, with one user asking about notifications in the status bar, while others inquired about the notch disabling feature.

It seems both the problems will be fixed in the upcoming updates; however the notch issue users are facing while playing pubg is a developer issue. The same was highlighted by Chandolu in the reply who added that his team is touch with Bluehole and that it will soon be fixed.

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