Smartphone prices hiked: Here’s how much Redmi, Realme, Apple, Samsung smartphones cost now

“Smartphone prices in India have increased effective today as the government has implemented the 18 percent GST rate on smartphones, up from 12 percent”

Smartphone prices in India have increased across brands as the union government’s new GST rate for phones has been implemented by all major vendors. From market leaders Xiaomi, Samsung, and Vivo to fast-growing upstart Realme to premium brand Apple, all smartphone manufacturers have announced an increase in smartphone prices across price segments. Of course, the GST rate hike has been compounded by the increase in prices of smartphone components due to the coronavirus lockdown across the country (and most of the world) and the fluctuation in the value of the Indian rupee against USD. So let’s take a look at how much phone prices have increased in India by Xiaomi, Realme, Apple, Samsung, Vivo, and OPPO thanks to these factors.

Xiaomi phones’ price hike

ModelOld priceNew price
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (6GB + 64GB)Rs 14,999Rs 16,499
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (6GB + 128GB)Rs 16,999Rs 17,999
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (8GB + 128GB)Rs 18,999Rs 19,999
Redmi Note 9 Pro (4GB + 64GB)Rs 12,999Rs 13,999
Redmi Note 9 Pro (6GB + 128GBRs 15,999Rs 16,999
Redmi K20 (6GB + 64GB)Rs 19,999Rs 21,999
Redmi K20 (6GB + 128GB)Rs 22,999Rs 24,999
Redmi K20 Pro (6GB + 128GB)Rs 24,999Rs 26,999
Redmi K20 Pro (8GB + 256GB)Rs 27,999Rs 29,999
Mi A3 (4GB + 64GB)Rs 11,999Rs 12,999
Mi A3 (6GB + 128GB)Rs 14,999Rs 14,999
Redmi Note 8 Pro (6GB + 64GB)Rs 14,999Rs 15,999
Redmi Note 8 Pro (6GB + 128GB)Rs 15,999Rs 16,999
Redmi Note 8 Pro (8GB + 128GB)Rs 17,999Rs 18,999
Redmi Note 8 (4GB + 64GB)Rs 10,499Rs 10,999
Redmi Note 8 (6GB + 128GB)Rs 12,999Rs 13,999
Redmi Note 7 Pro (4GB + 64GB)Rs 10,999Rs 10,999
Redmi Note 7 Pro (6GB + 64GB)Rs12,999Rs 12,999
Redmi Note 7 Pro (6GB + 128GB)Rs 13,999Rs 13,999
Redmi 8 (4GB + 64GB)Rs 7,999Rs 8,999
Redmi 8A Dual (2GB + 32GB)Rs 6,499Rs 6,999
Redmi 8A Dual (3GB + 32GB)Rs 6,999Rs 7,999
Redmi 8A (2GB + 32GB)Rs 6,499Rs 6,999
Redmi 7A (2GB + 16GB)Rs 5,999Rs 6,499
Redmi 7A (2GB + 32GB)Rs 6,199Rs 6,699
Redmi Go (1GB + 16GB)Rs 4,499Rs 4,999

Realme phones’ price hike

ModelOld priceNew price
Realme 6 ProRs 16,999Rs 17,999
Realme 6Rs 12,999Rs 13,999
Realme X2 Pro Master EditionRs 34,999Rs 36,999
Realme C3Rs 6,999Rs 7,499
Realme 5iRs 8,999Rs 9,999
Realme X2Rs 16,999Rs 17,999
Realme X2 ProRs 27,999Rs 29,999
Realme 5sRs 9,999Rs 10,999
Realme 5 ProRs 12,999Rs 13,999
Realme XTRs 15,999Rs 16,999
Realme XRs 16,999Rs 17,999
Realme X Master EditionRs 19,999Rs 20,999

Apple phones’ price hike

ModelOld priceNew price
iPhone 11 64GBRs 64,900Rs 68,300
iPhone 11 128GBRs 69,900Rs 73,600
iPhone 11 256GBRs 79,900Rs 84,100
iPhone 11 Pro 64GBRs 1,01,200Rs 1,06,600
iPhone 11 Pro 256GBRs 1,15,200Rs 1,21,300
iPhone 11 Pro 512GBRs 1,33,200Rs 1,40,300
iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GBRs 1,11,200Rs 1,17,100
iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GBRs 1,25,200Rs 1,31,900
iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GBRs 1,43,200Rs 1,50,800
iPhone XS 64GBRs 89,900Rs 94,700
iPhone XS 256GBRs 1,03,900Rs 1,09,400
iPhone XR 64GBRs 49,900Rs 52,500
iPhone XR 128GBRs 54,900Rs 57,800
iPhone 8 64GBRs 40,500Rs 42,600
iPhone 8 128GBRs 45,500Rs 47,900
iPhone 8 Plus 64GBRs 50,600Rs 53,400
iPhone 8 Plus 128GBRs 55,600Rs 58,500
iPhone 7 32GBRs 29,900Rs 31,500
iPhone 7 128GBRs 34,900Rs 36,700
iPhone 7 Plus 32GBRs 37,900Rs 39,900
iPhone 7 Plus 128GBRs 42,900Rs 45,100

Samsung phones’ price hike

ModelOld priceNew price
Samsung Galaxy FoldRs 1,64,999Rs 1,73,835
Samsung Galaxy Z FlipRs 1,09,999Rs 1,15,890
Samsung Galaxy S20Rs 66,999Rs 70,500
Samsung Galaxy S20+Rs 73,999Rs 77,900
Samsung Galaxy S20 UltraRs 92,999Rs 97,900
Samsung Galaxy S10 128GBRs 55,900Rs 58,800
Samsung Galaxy S10 512GBRs 67,900Rs 71,400
Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GBRs 63,900Rs 67,200
Samsung Galaxy S10+ 512GBRs 74,900Rs 78,800
Samsung Galaxy S10+ 1TBRs 93,900Rs 98,800
Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GBRs 44,900Rs 47,300
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (8GB + 128GB)Rs 39,999Rs 42,142
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (8GB + 512GB)Rs 44,999Rs 47,300
Samsung Galaxy Note 10Rs 69,999Rs 73,600
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 256GBRs 79,999Rs 84,200
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 512GBRs 89,999Rs 94,700
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite 6GBRs 38,999Rs 41,000
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite 8GBRs 40,999Rs 43,100
Samsung Galaxy A71Rs 29,999Rs 31,500
Samsung Galaxy A80Rs 39,990Rs 41,999
Samsung Galaxy A50S (4GB+128GB)Rs 19,999Rs 21,070
Samsung Galaxy A51 (6GB+128GB)Rs 23,999Rs 25,250
Samsung Galaxy A70S (6GB+128GB)Rs 26,999Rs 28,400
Samsung Galaxy A70S (8GB+128GB) Rs 28,999Rs 30,500
Samsung Galaxy A20S (4GB+64GB)Rs 12,999Rs 13,695
Samsung Galaxy A30S (4GB+128GB) Rs 15,999Rs 16,856
Samsung Galaxy M21 (4GB +64GB)Rs 13,499Rs 14,222
Samsung Galaxy M21 (6GB+128GB)Rs 15,499Rs 16,329
Samsung Galaxy M30S (4GB+128GB)Rs 13,999Rs 14,749
Samsung Galaxy M30S ((6GB+128GB) Rs 15,999Rs 16,856
Samsung Galaxy M30S (4GB+128GB)Rs 14,999Rs 15,803
Samsung Galaxy M31 (6GB+64GB)Rs 15,999Rs 16,856
Samsung Galaxy M31 (6GB+128GB)Rs 16,999Rs 17,910
Samsung Galaxy A10S (2GB+32GB) Rs 8,999Rs 9,480
Samsung Galaxy J2 CoreRs 5,990Rs 6,299
Samsung Eider nRs 1,375Rs 1,449
Samsung Piton Rs 1,625Rs 1,710
Samsung BrioRs 2,025Rs 2,130
Samsung MetroRs 2,800Rs 2,950
Samsung Gangga Rs 3,225Rs 3,399
Samsung EiderRs 1,100Rs 1,150

OPPO phones’ price hike

ModelOld priceNew price
OPPO A1kRs 7,490Rs 7,990
OPPO A5s 2GBRs 8,490Rs 8,990
OPPO A5s 3GBRs 8,990Rs 9,990
OPPO A5s 4GBRs 10,990Rs 11,990
OPPO A5 2020 3GBRs 11,490Rs 12,490
OPPO A5 2020 4GBRs 12,990Rs 13,990
OPPO A5 2020 6GBRs 14,990Rs 15,990
OPPO A31 4GBRs 11,490Rs 12,490
OPPO K1Rs 14,990Rs 15,990
OPPO A9 2020 4GBRs 14,990Rs 15,990
OPPO A9 2020 8GBRs 17,490Rs 18,490
OPPO F15 8GBRs 19,990Rs 21,990
OPPO Reno 2F Rs 21,990Rs 23,990
OPPO Reno 2ZRs 25,990Rs 27,490
OPPO Reno 2Rs 36,990Rs 38,990
OPPO Reno 3 ProRs 29,990Rs 31,990

Vivo phones’ price hike

ModelOld priceNew price
Vivo V17 (8GB + 128GB)Rs 22,990Rs 24,990
Vivo S1 (4GB + 128GB)Rs 15,990Rs 17,990
Vivo S1 Pro (8GB + 128GB)Rs 18,990Rs 20,990
Vivo Y19 (4GB + 128GB)Rs 13,990Rs 14,990
Vivo Y91i (2GB + 32GB)Rs 6,990Rs 7,990
Vivo Y91i (3GB + 32GB)Rs 7,990Rs 8,990
Vivo Y15 (4GB + 64GB)Rs 11,990Rs 12,990
Vivo Y12 (3GB + 64GB)Rs 9,990Rs 10,990
Vivo Y11 (3GB + 32GB)Rs 8,990Rs 9,990

The price hike will not be rolled back as the GST rate hike is permanent. With the coronavirus lockdown affecting movement of non-essential goods across India as well as worldwide, we can expect smartphone prices to be a little on the higher for the next few months, if not a couple of years.