Xiaomi may be working on three high-end tablets to compete with iPads

  • Xiaomi might launch three high-end Android tablets, suggests MIUI 12.5 code
  • The three alleged tablets are codenamed Enuma, Elish, and Nabu
  • Key specs, according to the leak, include 120Hz QHD+ displays, Snapdragon 8xx SoCs, cellular support, and 8,720mAh battery

Xiaomi offers a wide array of products from smartphones to smart home products and even merchandise and apparel. However, the brand has been missing from the tablet market for quite a long time. In fact, very few manufacturers these days launch a tablet, especially a high-end device that is based on Android, as the tablet realm is totally dominated by Apple’s iPads. Samsung is the only manufacturer that has been launching Android-based high-end tablets. Well, that seems to change soon. According to a new report from XDA-Developers, Xiaomi will be re-entering the tablet market that too with three high-end devices.

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Xiaomi may launch three new high-end Android tablets

Folks at XDA-Developers have found multiple references to three unannounced devices codenamed “Nabu”, “Enuma”, and “Elish” while decompiling the code of multiple MIUI 12.5 apps. According to them, these references were found in a method called “isPad”, suggesting that these apps would perform specific actions on a tablet. The references of the codenames in conjunction with “isPad” strongly suggest that “Nabu”, “Enuma”, and “Elish” are tablets from Xiaomi.

According to the publication, the model number of “Enuma” and “Elish” ends with K81 and K81A respectively, suggesting that these two tablets could be versions of one another. The “Nabu” tablet, on the other hand, has a model number that ends with K82, suggesting that it is a totally different device.

A reference to all three codenames was also found in the MIUI settings app in a method called “isSplitTablet”. Although there is no solid information on what this method could mean, it could either suggest a split-view functionality or it could also point that these tablets will have foldable screens but that is highly unlikely.

Specifications of Xiaomi’s upcoming tablets leaked

The report from XDA-Developers says that all three tablets seem to have a display with a 16:10 aspect ratio, 2,560 x 1,600 pixels resolution, and a 120Hz refresh rate. Moreover, it says that the “Nabu” tablet seems to have a 10.97-inch display, 8,720mAh battery, and overall dimensions of 236 x 148mm. The publication suggests that “Enuma” supports voice calls (and thus cellular connectivity) whereas the “Elish” and “Nabu” do not.

Moreover, “Enuma” and “Elish” will seemingly be powered by Qualcomm’s SM8250 chipset, which means these tablets will come with Snapdragon 865/865+/870 processor, whereas, the “Nabu” tablet seems to have Qualcomm’s SM8150 platform, which means that it will have Snapdragon 855/855+/860. For now, that is all the info we have on Xiaomi’s upcoming tablets. Hopefully, we will know about the marketing names and also additional features in the coming weeks.