“Here’s the perfect ingredient for a nice, romantic evening”

“I really just want to be the warm yellow light that pours over everyone I love”. When Conor Oberst said this, he might not have been referring to Yeelight’s Candela Lamp that just landed in India. However, after trying out the lamp for a bit, we know exactly what he meant. The word ‘light’ has so many different meanings, many of them so profound that they’re beyond the scope of this article. However, mood-based, or ambient lighting, when done well, can do wonders to living spaces. That’s where the Yeelight Candela Lamp comes in.


At the most basic level, the Yeelight Candela Lamp mimics a candle. However, unlike the Smart LED Bulb (review) Yeelight launched alongside, this lamp isn’t really smart in the true sense of the word. That’s because the lamp doesn’t feature built in Wi-Fi and therefore, can’t be controlled remotely. It does come with built in Bluetooth however, allowing you to control it via your smartphone, using the Yeelight app which is available for both Android and iOS.


The other big plus that the lamp can boast of, is an integrated, rechargeable battery. This means you don’t need to tether it to a power socket all the time, and are free to place it anywhere… even carry it with you if you want. The 2,100mAh battery is rated for eight hours of continuous use, and the lamp has a micro-USB port at the base which you can use to juice up the pack.

Design wise, the lamp is cylindrical in shape, and looks quite elegant with its golden base and glass enclosure on top. Do note that the glass enclosure seems fragile and susceptible to scratches, so do carry the lamp carefully just in case you decide to take with you on a trip. The base itself is heavy, and thanks to the rubber feet underneath, the lamp can be kept safely on any flat surface without risk of falling or slipping.


On the base, you’ll also find a three-way switch which slides to off, on, and Bluetooth modes. As you can make out, the switch is to be set to the Bluetooth position when you want to control the lamp using a phone. If you don’t want to do that, the lamp can simply be switched on by sliding the switch to the middle (on) position, and then you can control the lamp brightness by just rotating the glass top.

Setting up the lamp with a phone is easy – just slide the switch on the base to the Bluetooth mode, install the Yeelight app on your phone, enable Bluetooth, and let the app detect the lamp (after you’ve logged in with your credentials). Do note that if you have a Mi account, you can simply use the same credentials to log in. Once set up, you can just use the app to control the lamp, power it on or off, and control brightness – straight from your smartphone. Since the lamp uses Bluetooth, your phone should be within range of the lamp for you to be able to control it.

Yeelight-Candela-Lamp-app-05 Yeelight-Candela-Lamp-app-03 Yeelight-Candela-Lamp-app-01

Apart from the basic controls, the app gives you more power over the lamp. For one, you can control a group of lamps together, which should definitely work as a conversation starter if you have a bunch of guests at home, for example. The app also gives you a list of scenes you can use, set specific brightness levels as favourites, and set timers for the lamp to turn off automatically.


The lamp itself, with its power of 6.5 W, can’t really be used for properly illuminating a room. However, it can definitely help set the mood for a romantic evening, or inject soul into your living room or bedroom when you don’t need bright lighting. The adjustable brightness levels, the flexibility of being able to place it anywhere thanks to the built-in battery, and the app-based controls, all add up to make the Yeelight Candela Lamp a nice gift for yourself or someone you love. It seems a tad pricey at Rs 4,999. However, it should help turn everyday into a festival of lights. Go ahead, gave it a good hard look.