YouTube 4K videos may be limited to Premium subscribers only, feature under testing

YouTube was earlier spotted testing up to five ads before a video for free users.

  • YouTube is testing a feature that may limit 4K videos to Premium subscribers
  • YouTube was earlier testing five unskippable ads before videos for free users
  • Google has not yet said anything on the upcoming feature

YouTube was recently found to be testing five unskippable ads before a video starts playing for free users. While this strategy was not well received, the Google-owned video platform has now come up with another way to increase revenue. According to a recent find, YouTube is limiting 4K videos only for Premium users.

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The new update was first spotted by a Reddit user who goes by the username @Ihatesmokealarms. In a screenshot, the user showed that a video playing on full HD resolution has the 2160p option, but shows a “Premium – Tap to upgrade” text, hinting that the user will have to upgrade to Premium to watch content in ultra-HD or 4K resolution.

Currently, this only seems to be a test and it is not known if this will be implemented anytime soon. Google did not respond for a request for comment on the same, and we checked our devices and that did not show the new option. If this new feature does roll out, a 1440p resolution will be the maximum picture quality free YouTube users will be able to enjoy.

YouTube was earlier found to be testing up to five unskippable ads before videos for free users. As people expressed their disappointment on platforms like Twitter and Reddit, YouTube said in an official statement that it is a test and may happen with some users.

YouTube had called these ads “bumper ads” that last only six seconds, and asked for feedback from users. While the feedback was definitely not in favour of more ads, YouTube has now come up with a new way to increase revenue.

YouTube Premium plans: price and benefits

Currently, YouTube Premium is priced at Rs 129 per month for a single user and Rs 189 per month for a family plan. With YouTube Premium, users get an ad-free YouTube experience, and get access to YouTube Music, YouTube Originals content, and other benefits. With a Family Plan, you can add up to six people in your family who will be able to enjoy YouTube Premium with you.