YouTube will now recommended videos you can download

“Google’s offline video viewing support page has been updated to include a section for Recommended Downloads”

YouTube will soon recommends videos you may like to download for offline viewing. Earlier this month, reports had surfaced suggesting that the video sharing platform was testing a new “recommended downloads” feature in select markets. According to a Malaysian Twitter user, YouTube had started recommending videos to download in his country. “We could already download videos for a long time, but this is new. Recommendations are based on viewing history, just like the usual suggested videos we see elsewhere,” he had tweeted earlier this month.

Now, Google has also updated its offline video watching support page to add a section for the Recommended Downloads feature, which makes it official. According to document these videos won’t consume any data unless a user chooses to download them and users will be free to opt out of the recommendations by going to Settings -> Backgrounds & Downloads -> Recommended downloads and toggling it off. It should be noted that Netflix and other similar content platforms have had this feature for a while now, which means YouTube is actually playing catchup on this one.

As for the download feature, YouTube had started rolling out the feature around five years back and today almost all countries across the world have it, although at some places you need a YouTube Premium subscription. In India, however the ability comes free of cost and is an added advantage as the internet connectivity here isn’t probably the best in the world. And as with YouTube’s previous features, the new recommendation feature will most likely be tested in select markets before being launched everywhere.