Pay only Rs 200 for a Rs 1,000 Zomato order: food delivery scam reported by user

CEO Deepinder Goyal says he is aware of the scam, and is working to "plug loopholes."

  • A Zomato user has flagged a food delivery scam through a LinkedIn post.
  • As per the user, the Zomato delivery agent asked the user not to pay online.
  • Zomato’s CEO mentioned that he is aware of the issue.

A Zomato user recently published his experience on LinkedIn about a food delivery experience, where a delivery boy disclosed a strategy to the customer to scam the food delivery platform but still enjoy its benefits. He tagged CEO Deepinder Goyal in his post, who replied that he is “aware of this” and the company was “working to plug the loopholes.” 

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The user said he’d ordered some food via Zomato and paid the amount online. However, during the delivery, the Zomato delivery boy suggested the customer should not pay online and choose cash on delivery from the next time onwards. The agent explained that food costing Rs 1,000 could be delivered to him if he paid the delivery boy Rs 200 choosing cash on delivery (COD). The delivery boy in turn would claim to the company that the customer had refused the order.

Read the gist of Vinay Sati’s LinkedIn post here:

I got goosebumps hearing what scam is happening with Zomato.😥
Yesterday I ordered some burger king burgers from Zomato. And I also made the online payment. And as soon as the delivery boy came after 30-40 minutes, he told me, sir, don’t pay online next time. I wondered why he said that, and I asked why brother?

He said that the next time when you will order food worth Rs 700-800 through COD, you only have to pay Rs 200 for that.

In his post, the user questioned the CEO but Goyal replied that he was aware of the issue.

The user called this whole scenario “shocking” and noted that he just had two options, one was to accept the agent’s offer and second, he would expose the ongoing scandal. He said, being an entrepreneur, he chose the latter option.