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iBall Slide i701
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iBall Slide i701
Out of Stock
₹ 5,200
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Full Windows at a great price point, but some caveats

Build quality feels very good n+ The tablet has a soft touch/rubbery coating on the back and sides, which prevents slipping when held n+ OTG cable included n+ Windows 8.1 (Core) OS - this makes it a full-fledged Windows desktop! n+ Subscription to single-user Office 365 Personal for 1 year (this is itself a Rs. 3300 subscription otherwise) n+ Free goodies like HDMI cable, and 3 covers. Comes with a screen guard fitted to the screen, a velvet-like pouch for the tablet, and a micro-fiber cloth for the screen. n+ Accepts a micro-SD card, so you can store as much as you wish (note that although the tablet is advertised as having 16 GB storage built-in, the formatted capacity is 14.46 GB, of which 5.08 GB goes to a recovery partition, about 5 GB for the Windows OS itself, leaving 4 GB free). nn- Screen resolution is physically 1024x600. Metro apps cannot run at this resolution, so in software, the resolution is increased to 1280x768, resulting in fonts looking a little fuzzy/hard to read. n- Does not have a physical/capacitive start button to open the start screen. You need to swipe in from the right margin to show the charms bar. n- When held in portrait mode, viewing angles are extremely narrow, and even little tilting results in colours washing out. This is present even in landscape mode, but is not as severe as portrait. n- Tablet came with a user named 'ii' already pre-configured, and the tablet named as 'i'. I performed a Windows Recovery to restore Windows from the recovery partition, and this took me through the OOBE (out-of-box-experience) setup process, as expected. nnIn all, great value at the price. Just be aware that the screen resolution and display angles may be an annoyance. Even so, at the price it is offered, it is tremendous value.

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If you are on a tight budget, this is the tablet to go for!!!

Got this device delivered in 2 days flat. Kudos to FLIPKART. With a price this low, I had my doubts, but after using the tab for a couple of days I can confidently say that THIS IS A BLOODY GOOD DEVICE!!! nnLets go over the PROs and CONs now.nn PROs first:nn1. A quad core cpu with 1gb ram combo is pretty fast by itself. But add the latest updates of windows 8.1 to the mix, and this thing can FLY. The app switching is smooth and fast, the animations are slick, there's no lag whatsoever in everyday usage. This is what matters the most if you ask me.nn2. THE WINDOWS APP SUPPORT. With a number of good looking and fast apps coming pre-installed, and a ton of others available from the included STORE, you can get an app for literally everything. The touch-friendly modern apps look great on a tablet interface, while the older desktops apps are not too bad either.nn3. I personally use this tab for educational purposes. So if you are looking for something along the lines of ebook readers, go for this instead. You get very good reading apps, like kindle, nook, etc. And also other useful apps, for maybe nate-taking(OneNote), scientific and programming calculators, dictionary and thesaurus(the AED app is fantastic, highly recommended).nn4. For the digital artists out there, there is FOTOR, photoshop, paint, autoCAD, sketchbook,etc. Be it editting those selfies before posting them on facebook, or just creating some beautiful art, on-the-go, this tab can take care of things.nn5. USB OTG and HDMI support. Connect pendrives, mouse, keyboard, gamepad, etc to the tablet, or even connect the tab itself to the TV.nnWhat more do you want, man??!!nnNah,just kidding. There is actually quite a lot I would have wanted in this device.nBut before reading the following cons, remind yourself that THIS COSTS 5000 BUCKS:nn1. The display. Its horrible. A 7 inch piece of $#1t. Probably the worst screen I've ever seen. On any device. The viewing angles will make you shriek the first time you turn on the tab. Even tilting it by 5-10 degrees kills the view. To make it so damn cheap, this is the BIGGEST compromise iBall made. But then again, if you hold it correctly, it doesn't matter all that much. The texts appear crisp. Especially on the ebook reader apps. You can easily switch to two-page view, and still read comfortably.nn2. The battery life is not that good. 3-4 hours screen-on time with heavy to moderate usage with wifi on. But if you are mainly reading, or listening to music, it lasts a lot longer.nn3. THE SCREEN AGAIN. ITS JUST SO BAD... DAMN YOU iBALL.nn4. Getting a good touch-friendly browser on this tab is hard. It comes with IE installed, but who uses that right. I switched to UC BROWSER, but even that failed to impress me. And chrome is not exactly touch friendly, although you can still use it.nn5. Now the big one. NO GAMING. Like nothing. You can try installing full pc games, but the low fps makes pretty much everything unplayable. I tried playing on the PPSSPP emulator(Google it!) too. Some games ran, albeit with low-ish fps. But they were still playable. If you desperately need to GAME, stick with the basic touch based games, or HALO: Spartan Assault maybe. But let me tell you, you'll be seeing the LOW BATTERY WARNING before you can say WHY IS THIS GAME SO SLOW. LOLnnThere you go guys, 5 pros and cons. nnSo in conclusion, I think I would recommend this thing to people who already have a good phone or computer, and will use this as their secondary device. Because this tab is exactly that. Imagine laying back after a tiring day to check up on facebook/twitter, go over the news, read a good book, and post a few heavily-edited pictures maybe?! This tab shines in all those departments. BRILLIANTLY that too. At 5000, this tab is indeed a steal.

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Poor Display. 2.5GB storage.. Poor Camera..

I purchased this tablet from other site as flipkart stock was over. nWhen i recieved it was a bigger disappointment. nnDisplay: Its not greatnViewing angles are not good.ntilting litle bit you will feel the difference.nnSound:nIts so poor.. speaker is weak.nnProcessor:nFlipkart mentions like its 1.83Ghznbut in actual its 1.3GhznnStorage:nOnly 3GB you will get, dont know what will happen when u install some games or apps.nnBattery is ok.nnI have returned know its 5k tablet, but why there is compromise on what they have mentioned.nPersonal suggestion dont go for windows tablets below 10Inches.. :P

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Honest, Must Read Review Before Purchasing This

I recently purchased this product and Flipkart delivered it within two days. I made use of the offer and bought this at Rs.2999/-. n This is a very good device and must have for extended portability.n Has Intel Quad Core at 1.33GHz and Boost Frequency of 1.83GHz.n Has Windows 8.1 upgradable to Windows 10 and 1 Year Subscription of Microsoft Office. Both the offers are true and I got Microsoft Office free for 1 Year, just open any ppt, doc or any Office files it will automatically redirect you into the installation of 1 Year Free Subscription. I also get notifications for Windows 10 Upgrade. Have in mind that original Windows 8.1 OS costs above Rs.5000/-.n Many people comment about the resolution and about the text which is not appearing clearly. Just change the resolution from display settings to 1024x600. At this resolution you will not be able to run metro apps but no problem you get a clear text display and you can use full version of all software like Adobe Reader, KMPlayer, MalwareBytes, BitDefender, Windows Media Player and Liter version of Adobe Photoshop also works really fine. You cannot access camera from start menu at this resolution, but you can access the camera by swiping down from the lockscreen at this resolution. So accessing the camera is not a problem.n About Camera Quality, many people mention that it has poor camera quality. But I should say that the front camera quality is good for video calling in India. I have also done a video call with a 5MP front camera but the people viewing at the other end viewed with too many pixels because of slower upload speed the broadband offered. So the video calling camera is good. HD and FullHD video calling is possible only if you have a upload speed of above 2Mbps however you cannot make HD and FullHD video calling with this tablet. Many network carriers only speak about download speed, but upload speed is very important for video calling. Front camera captures pictures and videos at a resolution of 640x360 and rear camera takes pictures at 1600x1200 and videos in 1280x720 (HD). The camera might be disappointing at start, but you need to manually control the exposure to get better picture and videos. For this price this is what we should expect. The camera is good in my opinion. n The viewing angles are good in my opinion, because you can view the screen in landscape mode for a larger viewing angle about 50 to 60 degrees. But viewing angle is narrow in portrait. Even watching videos with 3 people sitting side by side is not at all a problem. You get really good viewing angles. The colours may look washed out but you can still tweak Intel HD Graphics for better results. People switching from AMOLED or OLED screens may find difficulty as the colours are not that rich. But it is great for occasionally watching videos, movies and great for editing Office stuffs.n Many comments that the device is getting too hot. When using a laptop, keeping it above your lap for more than 10 mins then you can feel heat, but this heat is not going to do any bad to the processor, because Intel Processors are designed to work at the highest temperature of about 90 degree Celsius. You should hold the tablet on the side opposite to that of the camera, by holding it in that way you will not feel any heat. n Battery Backup is good and lasts for 1 Day with moderate to heavy usage such has watching movies, downloading and installing apps and working with office. n Accessories are really in good quality, HDMI is a very good add on and it is very very very useful.nif you want to connect many devices to this tablet you can use usb hub. But charging should be done separately. I charge this tab over night and charging takes a long time of about 4 - 5hrs.n Sound from this device is very good to my liking and it sounds louder than most smartphones. The sound settings can also be tweaked in audio manager.n Overall a very very very useful tablet in this price point, and you cannot find this lot of productivity in any other android tablets at this price range. It really extends productivity and portability to a greater extent. If people cannot afford a costly laptop but still want to use internet, install software, programming java or any other programs, study or create office documents, and a bit of movie watching, this tablet serves all these purpose really well. nn"I GIVE IT 5 STARS AND I AM HAPPY WITH THIS PURCHASE"

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Most affordable Windows 8.1 tablet

Most affordable windows tablet. With windows 8.1 you can also use it as a mini laptop. Attach it with your TV and it becomes a fully functional quad core desktop! All this at a price of just Rs. 4999 (and they are giving free covers also)!nnWith windows 10 on its way, this is going to be the most affordable windows 10 tablet!nI am all in for this.

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