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Intex Aqua T2
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Intex Aqua T2
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This is good phone if you root it.

Short Review:nPros:n1. Have Kitkatn2. Can be handy for many tasks (only if rooted) but will be limited.n3. Good phone for the price.nnCons:n1. Small screen size.n2. Only run 2G. There's no 3G.n3. Bloated with crapware.nnnLong Review:nThis may seem as an awesome product to buy. The same mindset I had when I bought Micromax A57. It had 3MP camera, 256 MB RAM, 1GHz CPU which seems tongue licking things. The price was Rs. 5000. This was the cheapest Android phone 2 years ago. But when I purchased it, the shit came (obviously at first I was amazed because I had experienced Android first time). I found out that,n1. It doesn't have 256MB or 512MB (as mentioned on GSMarena) RAM but hardly 120 MB RAM which remains filled all the time.n2. It is bloated with craps like Facebook, Hookup App, MiZone, MiSMS, MiStore etc. useless apps which you can't uninstall (the only way is to root your phone).n3. Only to say, it has 3 Megapixel camera but if you zoom in you will see the shittiness in the photo. Oily and dirty. Only close shots are good.nnFor Intex Aqua T2, I'm pretty sure, it also have shitty features. Don't just see it has Kitkat. In the long run you will cry. Most probably it's camera will not take 'awesome' photos but only kaam chalau photos. It is already bloated with too much crapware which you can see in it's "Additional Features" and "Important Apps". The Pre-loaded Games, Pre-loaded Instant Messaging, Pre-loaded Apps (Intex Zone, Zapak, OLX, Gmail, Xender) will be the one which you can not uninstall. If you ever wanted to increase your phone's internal memory by uninstalling any of those, you are out of luck. Moreover, in the specifications it isn't mentioned that it can run 3G. It can't. You will only get 2G on both sims. It also isn't going to run heavy apps or really good games (because of less power). The screen is small so games will not give you that enjoyment as they should.nnI recommend you to only buy this if you have no other option. In my thought,n1. This phone will only give you experience how Android looks like and what are its tongue licking features.n2. You can make calls, SMS.n3. Can run small lightweight apps only if this really has RAM it claimed and those apps should also be able to installed on SD card (phone doesn't have enough memory). As said by Kalyan, you cannot install a good no. of apps and without it, there's no fun.n4. Unless you root this phone, this phone will not give you much but very less.nnBecause Google Play has many lightweight useful apps, this phone can be very handy. For the price, this is a good phone but only and only if you root it.nnFor a better (or best) choice you can go for Android One which is also available on Flipkart. It is Google's official phone and has ground breaking features. Available for 6,300 Rs.

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Android mobile to see..Not to use actually

With 256 MB of RAM and 512 MB of ROM what do you think you will be able to do? For satisfactorily running Android a mobile needs 1 GB of RAM and even with 512 MB RAM it shows low memory.. so it is evident what you can expect with 256 MB of RAM. Also with 512 MB ROM you will get max around 100 MB to install apps, which will be filled up with 4/5 apps. The processor is also one of the slowest in todays terms. nMy suggestion is save some bucks and go for any android with atleast 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM to use it. You could get one in around 4000..e.g. Karbonn Smart A12 STAR. Why go for an Android phone if you cant use it anything more than call/sms and perhaps a bit of whatsapp? For that a feature phone is sufficient.

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Android based smart phones with dual sim functionality requires a big and long lasting battery ..for 3.5 inch it should have a minimum of 1600 mah otherwise get ready to charge atleast twice a am giving 2 stars as i dont want charge my fone again and again irrespective of latest software.n2 stars for the good price and latest software.

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Only if you have no other choice

Cant agree more with Ramandeep. With around 120Mb ram given to user, you cannot install many apps. nnEven with very few apps, you will soon experience terrible lag which will take away all the fun you wanted to have on an android phone.nnBuy only if you cannot afford few more thousands and just want to have an android phone for basic purpose.nnI had an HTC Desire Z which had 512mb ram. And I had trouble playing any decent game without lag. Ultimately, had to root it to get rid of all the useless apps.

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nice one

i bought this one for my mom and it seems to working properly.nnthe product doesn't feel cheap at all and works properlynnthe only problem is that you only get 150mb as internal memory in which 70mb is consumed by google play service & play store update so all you left with 80mb which is now i used for fb and whatsapp although sometimes it feels legging but not always.nnif you very light mobile user go for it

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