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Karbonn A1 Plus
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Rs 2,269
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Karbonn A1 Plus
Out of Stock
₹ 2,269
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Buyers please double check dual sim standby feature!!

I don't own the A1+, but the A5. Since both share the dual sim feature, I think the following issue plagues the A1+ ( and all dual sim Androids) as well. So buyers please do extra research before buying.nnThe issue :nThis phone does not support dual sim dual standby. I found this out the hard way since after I switched to this phone my incoming business calls dropped steeply. So I did the most logical thing, called into this phone myself. What I found is that if Data service is enabled on any SIM, calls to the other SIM are not received ("Not Reachable"). Now since Android likes to keep transferring data in the background all the time, this means that calls to one sim are usually not received. So the best way to use this phone is with a single sim, or with Data connection disabled by default.

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Very Good product..

Best investment for a budget android phone...nI liked it a lot as i was not expecting to spend a lot of amount on new Android phone.. Karbonnn A1+ Is just fit for any average or social network user with its low budget and high power processor.. nnFew tips. n1. Install App to SD application from Android market (free) so you can move all the onboard apps to your SD card this will solve the limited memory as all things will be in Memory card.n2. Install Launcher Pro. for a more better smooth and less memory usage theme.. n[if you install any theme / launcher you will have a toal new phone in just few clicks i highly recommend using any of the launchers you like]nDownsides..nOnly thing the phone takes a long time when put on recharge but battery lasts just like any other high end phone (note upto 24-48hr with usage of Wifi, calls and other social apps. every now and then and i feel after installing Launcher i have got more 20% boost) nNot good for heavy gaming but the device can run all light games like basketball shoot.. and its worth it as any app like those eat battery more fast (i feel PC is good for gaming :p ) nBeside these points No downside so far for the price i have got it..nnBest phone for low budget or to step in the Android world...n5/5 :)

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best budget phone

I recently bought this phone.npros-n1.good large 3.5' screen with great resolution.n2.touchscreen is quite quality is satisfactory.n4.extremely good battery backup.n5.preinstalled apps.leaving u with 165 mb memory.n6.typical loud speaker.ncons-n1.charger and earphone seems to be very cheap and of low quality.n2.extremely long charging time 4-5 hrs appprox.

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Good Phone at this price

I always wanted to try out the low priced Android phones so I gave this one a try.nnPros : n1. Good value at this pricen2. Good hardware - processor and screen. Works smoothly. As good as mid range Galaxy models (Ace/Fit etc).n3. Good Bluetooth/WiFi transfer speed.n4. Considerable battery life for a smartphone : 2-2.5 days on one charge.n5. Dual camera - hard to get at this price.nnCons :nn1. Charger is a bit slow. Takes longer than other phones to charge.n2. Power button, charging and earphone socket are at slightly odd locations. Then again, I may be too used to Galaxy.n3. In-built audio player is not that good. No equalizer, so not good enough bass. You should probably download VLC for android or other good player with equalizer.n4. Call UI and some other UI such as Contacts are a bit cluttered and not as polished as Galaxy or HTC or Xperia. They should seriously consider redesigning this one.n5. No 3G. Not a problem if you mostly connect thru Wifi.nnOver all, aside from some minor glitches not a bad phone at all.

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Battery Charging timetry this

Hello flipkartians out there.. nThough i don't own this cellphone but one thing i would like to specify and help u out about what i read in reviews is that Battery charging needs 5-6hours of time..!!nnwell.. i guess its mainly because of Poor quality charger provided in box.. .nU might not believe me.. But check the AMPERE and VOLT reading of the charger (if specified ;))nni have many nokia phones and with one expensive one i got a very high ampere rating charger(which is costlier and not easily availaibe) and I have practically checked that that expensive charger was soo brilliant it used to charge the BL5c in an hour.. n other chargers used to take more than 2 hrs.. .nnso the solution is if you are having any other charger to substitute or BoRROW any other compatible charger[but branded one] from any friend and then check the charging time.. [because the discharging time is normal so how could charging time be 5-6 hrs :! ]nI think this will surely RESOLVE this 5-6hrs of charging time problem... REply soon any one to let me know if this helped .. and then m gonna buy this Karbonn a1 + since this is the only hindrace b/w me and d phone :P

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