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Lava Helium 14 Laptop (Atom Quad Core x5/2 GB//Windows 10)
Rs 14,999
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User Reviews for Lava Helium 14 Laptop (Atom Quad Core x5/2 GB//Windows 10) Laptop

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Lava Helium 14 Laptop  (Atom Quad Core x5/2 GB//Windows 10)
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Terrible product

Performance of Netbook is very slow Error to open Office word & Excel.... Sounds quality very bad.... 50:50 product, am not recommend it to a normal user also... Flipkart service is very bad in this product, they arrange replacement first, then he cancel it without any info to me...

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Pros 1. Display is good 2. Battery life is very good 3. Performance is smooth till you don't do multitasking 4. Looks like a premium laptop my friends thought that I have purchased a Mac book. Cons 1. Memory is less after updating to current windows you will get around 11 GB only should have provided with 64 or 128 GB internal. 2. The charging time would be 6 to 8 hours to full charge from 0 to 100% 3. If you don't use a screen protector you will get scratches on your front side. Good laptop but should have more internal storage

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Don't waste your money

Worst battery ever....don't buy this one...and even from a company like flipkart...m facing tons of issues getting this product returned.... Built quality is low...rather get an Asus..or Acer at about the same price with a 11 inch screen...that would serve the purpose

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Using this for a few days now. Its the perfect 2nd laptop for people who mostly use office applications on the run along with some surfing and watching videos / movies. Its light and good looking. I experienced a slight lag but that's as per its specifications - is not an issue for most activities that you will do. I use an i5 Intel chip/4GB RAM combination primary laptop and recently damaged it while travelling...its old and heavier. So that now is my perfect desktop :) If I can use the Helium for the next 2 years - it will be money very well spent. And, really, is storage space an issue with all the portable drives / cloud etc? Appears to be perfect for me - I would consider it a smart buy. Great for students as well, I'm guessing.

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Good quality product

My feedback on lava HELIUM NETBOOK I say netbook as this will differentiate a lot of things. 1.The device is super thin the looks of a typical netbook but impressed as this comes from lava A pleasing intro, it's sturdy compare with jumper ebook no flex in its body at all. 2.It's really light in weight and also loved the color. 3.The screen is bright and vivid super contrasts and it had a screen guard on it as well. 4.The battery is good I use 3-4 hrs a day needs to plug adapter which looks really cheap only on 1.5 days. 4.Yes the speaker's are real pain so I connect to my bluetooth speaker. 5. The storage is an interesting part which will truly state the usefulness of the product over usage as in Windows 10 you can transfer all apps and content to one drive and sd card although storage is less its about management how you use the storage. 6. The office is perfectly up and working after you create your windows id I purchased a home lic as well so , guys complaining about office isn't working must install the office which is inbuilt and get a lic which is roughly 6k 7.The connectivity is decent but my mobile connects better to my wifi in my closed room while the wifi is in drawing hall. Just a last thing please treat this as a web book for casual browsing ,watching vid ,some document updates ,reading etc this is mostly not for performance oriented profesional for high end programme based activities like design , interior,CAD, HI res gaming's etc for them it's better to get a processor created than i5 I hope my insight helps the buyers and lava professionals as well.

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