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User Reviews for XOLO A500S

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I purhased XOLO A500S on 2 September 2013. I purchased based on the features made available on sites, etc. BUT THE FIRST CALL I MADE AFTER PURCHASE AND I CAME TO KNOW THAT THE MIC on the phone is NOT WORKING. OTHER PERSON CANNOT HEAR MY VOICE.nnI called up customer care (only option available with purchaser, since seller shop takes no responsibility). Customer care does not attend your call and after many attempts, they attended. They have no knowledge/ authority. They gave me address of newly opened authorized service centres in Mumbai.nnI could not go to the Service centre for another 8-9 days due to busy schedule. After that, i went to AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTRE just to know that they CANNOT REPLACE MY PHONE just because I did not go to the service centre within 7 days. nnI asked for a immediate repair of Mic, to my surprise, THERE WERE SO MANY PEOPLE with SUCH COMPLAINTS related to Mic, Internet not working, Bad Battery in New phone, Charger not working, Ear phones not good, etc...etc.. EVERY ONE WAS SHOUTING AT THE SERVICE CENTRE OWNER but with NO HELP FROM SERVICE CENTRE..........SERVICE CENTRE OWNER TOLD US WE ARE FACING A DIFFICULT SITUATION AS we are NOT GETTING ANY PARTS FROM LAVA/ XOLO Company officials.nnShe gave me Number of XOLO company official Nitin Arora (Mobile No. - 088) and asked us to call, but he was not ready to commit anything.nnThen, within few minutes, XOLO Service Centre owner said WE ALL SERVICE CENTRE OWNERS ARE GETTING TOGETHER AND DECIDING TO SHUT DOWN THE CENTRES SINCE THERE IS NO HELP FROM COMPANY.nnAGAIN, THE ISSUE IS NOT JUST IN XOLO A500S but all other phones of XOLO / LAVA as i could see the customer dissatisfaction at the SERVICE CENTRE.nnPLEASE CONSIDER ALL THE ABOVE AND THEN I STRONGLY URGE THAT PLEASE DO NOT BUY XOLO/ LAVA PHONE AT ALL. ELSE YOU MAY GET TRAPPED.nnTHANKS,nG A SHAH.

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Fix for Xolo A500s low mic volume problem.

As mentioned by Gaurav Shah in his review, I too had problem with the mic of the phone where my voice was inaudible to the receiver. Luckily I have found a workaround to this problem and if anyone else faces a similar problem they could give it a try.nnFirst enter *#*#3646633#*#* on the dialer. This will get you onto the Engineer Mode of the phone. Then on this mode swipe sideways till you find 'Hardware Testing'. Then from Hardware Testing go to 'Audio' and then to 'Normal Mode'. This will open up Audio_ModeSetting. There will be a Type field with type set as 'Sip'. Tap it to bring a dropdown menu and select 'Mic'. After selecting 'Mic', on the Level field, change the values of all the levels (0-6) to 255. Set this value and go back. Once this is done, reboot the phone and check whether the phone mic works properly. This did the trick for me.

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Best phone under 10k

I dropped my decision of getting lumia 520 and got this phone and I never regretted .nThe phone generates too much attention it looks like a high end phone .slim and sleek just grabs eye balls.nAnd then when they graze over your display their eyes opens even wider saying wow which is just awesome for this cheap phone.nJellybean interface and the display are in the likes of 20k phone .nit has some dedicated graphics card so you can play all games in a much better way than its competition. I checked with Arcane legend and the output is tremendous .nCamera has low pixels so the pictures appear grainy in system.nit can't play 1080p but works well with 720p which is enough for 4inch screen.nPROSn1.looks like HTC or Sonyn2.feels like HTC or Sony (I mean it )n3.display is just awesomen4.performance is on par with all device under night moden2.can't play HD n3.finding the brand name on phone is difficult when they make a product this good they can start building their image too .n4.stock headsets are of very poor quality spoils the music experience

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my wait is over

waiting for a phone like this to arrive, and the moment has come, yes i already ordered it,ntrust me this phone configuration and its build quality (xolo always excel in this department). This phone ppi (almost retina display), Anyone wants phone should be a phone atleast hold on to one day atleast not like new phones with highend quad core processors and big screens force you to charge every after 17 hours. I think xolo people know their indian customer very well by launching this product. If they fix the price at Rs.6499 then this phone will rule. Anyway I dropped the idea of buying Q800. Will write a detailed review after the arrival. As per the specifications mentioned in XOLO site, this phone packages good cocktail of sensors as well as on board memory. the best part is it has V3 blue tooth and autofocus camera. A-GPS is another added advantage. Simply go for it

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Budget Beast

This review is done keeping in mind it's a budget phone.nnThe phone looks awesome. It's build quality is amazing which can go at par with a Nokia Lumia. Yes, that good. Where other phones in this budget, well....let that be for another day.nnTurn it on and your eyes are graced with a screen that is crisp with vibrant colours. Though the black colour could have been deeper. The viewing angles are good except from the top.nnThe phone doesn't lag courtesy its 1.3 ghz dual core, yes it's 1.3 and a Mali 400 gpu. This graphics card is a beast, atleast in the budget segment. Almost all games run smoothly. But i'm considering people who are buying this would want gaming to be the last thing. See, no other phone in this segment provides this awesome a graphics card. That graphics card just hit home for me. Its the same one in galaxy S 2, if that helps. After installing an medium amount of apps the ram available was between 120-200 Mb.nnComing down to the rest, the speakers don't have enough bass for playing music and are a bit low. Still, legible. RIngtones were loud and clear by the way. The sound through the earphones were pretty amazing, as usual. I was using a Sennheizer mx 170, which is a good earphone too.nnThe camera is a bit bland and there is no auto focus. It isn't a big deal for me. I don't really use my cell for photo shooting and I also feel that it is a luxury to have a great camera in a phone in this budget where as a good screen, processor, ram are necessary.nThe touch is good and typing was easier when i installed a third party keyboard. All the other basics are pretty good. So i'l just refrain from talking about them.nnIn short it's a phone for people who want the most out of a "Sasta" phone, who want a good phone on a tight budget, ones who can ignore an average speaker and camera.nnOr someone like me, who used up all his life cursing the phone makers of this world for bringing in handsets with on a resource hungry platform which, wait for it, made our life more complicated than otherwise. The phones were just unusable. 256 mb ram? oh come on. If i'm buying a phone which can be used only for calling and whatsapp, why would I want a phone on Android platform? Duh.nBut not anymore. Those other manufacturers should do their home work and come back.nn- Censored version.

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