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A well balanced phone

The problem with a lot of budget phones is that one or two essential features are compromised in making a device cheap and eventually, it comes down to which features you are alright with not having the best of. Lava Xolo A700 is a well balanced phone and it tries to delivery a way better experience than it's competitors.nnBuild Quality(5/5):nThe Xolo A700 is a sleek phone! My friends couldn't believe i got it for 9k! The back panel has a matt finish that makes it easy to hold. There are silver strips on the side to give it a slightly posh look and the screen is crystal clear. The IPS qHD display is not bad at all. I used it in glaring sunlight and could still see everything on the screen clearly. The phone is extremely light and the phone fits really well in my hand (though i'm quite a tall guy). The phone used to heat up especially while charging for the first couple of days but now it's fine. The back panel especially is very thin so you would need a cover otherwise you'd feel the battery heating up after serious usage.nnProcessor (4.5/5):nThe Mediatek M6577 processor gives a very smooth experience on the Lava Xolo A700 and there is barely any lag which using the browser, opening and closing tabs and running apps. Movies play smoothly and upto 720p is supportednnRAM (3.5/5):nA700 comes with a 512MB ram which according to me is slightly less than ideal. I would have preferred 768MB or 1GB. The phone becomes slightly sluggish when you are running a few applications at a time. I haven't played any memory intensive applications yet but i imagine there would be a lot of games that won't give you a smooth experience on the A700nnCamera(3/5):nThe camera is one of the concerns i have. Images from the default application are a little grainy, especially indoors. I've been experimenting with other camera applications i came across on the google play store and have gotten better results so far. But i would have expected a better camerannGPS(4.5/5):nI used the GPS with Google Navigation to travel to a farmhouse 30kms outside bangalore yesterday and it was fast and smooth. I got turn by turn directions thanks to google and though the network wasn't that great, i didn't overshoot any turns because of GPS delays.nnMusic(4/5):nHonestly, if you want an android phone for really good music, you have to go for a sony. Anything else will give you good enough at best. Lava Xolo A700 gives a pleasant music experience. The in-built speakers are loud and the music quality is quite good. But it's no Sony!nnHope this helped :)

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Xolo A700 A Product worth its money

This review is based on 2 days of usage. May be i'll update this review after some months as well. Bought this from a Croma store after a prolonged net searches and after looking at Iphone 4, Galaxy s2, HTC desire and One series. I was keen to get my hands on LG optimus L9. But out of stock at flipkart as well as at LG dealers. Heard from an LG dealer stocks will arrive only in month of Jan. LG's google nexus 4 can be delivered only during Mid Jan by I dont think its worth waiting for all these gadgets. Terms like dual core, 1gb ram only add to more confusion. nnMy phone usage type may help some of you to decide. Im not a phone freak. I use my phone for occasional phone calls about 1- 2 hrs everyday. Access internet occasionally. watch movies when traveling, hear music some of the time. nnBrand Lava may not ring a bell to many. Not so popular compared to micromax, karbonn names. So these may be some negatives. So took a chance.nnNow to the XOLO A700: nnVoice call: 4.5/5nPhone's primary purpose is voice calls.Phone has to be held close to the ears( SAR mentioned is 0.67 max).ALso im not talking for hours so its fine with me. nnDisplay 5/5: Display is too good to believe at this price point. comparable to s2, a110, one series. Absolute treat to the eyes. nnVideo: Played one 720p video and it was damn good. Comparable to a full HD video. No lags of display either. I don;t use multitasking so for me ram is not an issue. Watched one 2 hr movie. No issues.nnGame 5/5: tried temple run and it runs fairly well. neat response. forget the quadrant and nina here. for an average user this is fine.nnWeb 4/5: Used wi-fi at my office. fast enough. 3g a little slow than wi-fi but we can live with it. On the whole satisfied with internet access.n nPhotos 3/5: I think this is the only area where phone scores low. photo quality is only average. But i expected this.But this one has a led flash. nnBattery 5/5: Lot of mobile deals get broken here. I think this phone has got oomph of a battery. nnYesterday started with a full charge of phone @7am. I happened to travel for 4 hrs up and 4 hrs down. Watched a 2 hr video, played music for 1 hr, accessed internet for some time, phone calls about 1 hr during travel and after i reached home at 10pm night. Looked at the battery status 25% remaining. What more can you ask for in 10k phone boss? Just go ahead pick this.

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Hands on Review

Got a chance to get some hands on for this phone at a local store. Pros: 1: Available RAM is more than that of Karbonn A21. Around 450 MB. 2: Snappier than Karbonn A21. Antutu Benchmark : A700 - 6557 vs A21- 5712. 3: Much lighter than A21. A21- 154 Gm vs A700 116 Gms. 4: Viewing angels are good but the front glass feels cheap. 5: Premier finish and build over A21. Phone looks very good. Cons: 1: Phone heats up like anything even on moderate usage. 2: video recording is not 720p as mentioned and output is in 3gp which is old container. Should have been mp4. 3: Audio quality is not so great. overall all A21 and A700 will both give you value for money with good user experience. If you are okay with above mentioned cons, go for A700.

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this is availble at 7500 in tradus and other sites but went for flipkart(8000/-) coz of frank and promt service they have. Thanks to flipkart for the promt delivery.keep up the good work. i usually dony write / bother to write reviws but i cant hold my self to prise this mobile so i am writting this. i am using apple ipod/Karbonn A21 / canvas a110 so watever i am writting in comparision to them 1. Killer looks. u will fall in love with design. hats off the every detail they have considered in designing this mobile. 2. crisp touch as good as my ipod.( u will get addicted to the swipe). 3. crisp voice quality during calls. 3. amazing display. 4. good battery back up. 5. good speedy net connectivity. 6. u dont need a seperate app to diplay ur batterry perecetage. 7. some people are complainig about music quality but my question is have u adjusted the graphic equaliser on the phone. its just amazing experience, infact better than my ipod. 8. if still need more bass (which u dont reqiure) down load TONE Q app free adjust 6 band equaliser. music feeling is just out of the world. 9. with such amzing qualities its sleek, awesme design. 10. played temple run smoothly. 11. ips display, processor, speed, memmory(more than my A21), are as good as samsung s3. 12. the best upgradable to jelly bean. 13 install GO SMS PRO (with Iphone theme). GO CONTACTS ( with iphone theme) it will work like iphone. 14. some are complaining about the ear phone infact these are amazing ear buds they are rendering music quality as goos as my ipod 4s . so to which people are are comparing and telling its not good i dont know. 15. camera quality decent. 16. people are are complaining about the battery, music quality, camera other things pls try to learn hw to optimise the devie so that it give u the best the write off this mobile. i hve become big fan of this moblie. conclusion : looks 10/10 display 9/10 phone fuctioning 9/10 music quality 10/10 battery 8/10 gaming 8/10. browsing 8/10 camera 7/10 processor 8/10 ram 8/10 ( even though 512 its works for superriosr than my A21 ie after installation apps of 125 mb still it doesnt lag) so wat else u want in 8000/- it cant get better than this. i am loving it. Who ever not recommending this phone are mis guiding people. Hats of to the product quality that to from a indian company so pls guy buy products like these support such companies to give more and more products like this. infront of this my Karbonn is 7/10 xolo 10/10. i am euphoric about this product. i am infact more happy than when i purchased my car thats how satisfied i am. so guys any one planning to buy this pls pls pls pls pls pls go for its gem of a phone. i cant stop praising about the phone. sme one reading my review might get amazed at the praising i have done for this mobile i am not a guy from LAVA i am simple commom man who is gadget freek trying to tell the honest truth. this mobile is gone give run for all the other brands thats assured. just go for it. please support more and more indian companies one way of u contributing to indian economy.

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XOLO A700 What to expect

Mobile previously owned: Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS (android)nOrder Placed on: 14-Jan-2013nDelivered on: 17-Jan-2013nnFirst Impression:nReceived in proper Flipkart packaging. The mobile itself was packed & sealed and not tampered with.nUpon opening the box, realized that the screen has a lot of scratches (very disheartening experience, considering the excitement that i had). Called up Cust support and informed about the problem, he promised a call back from tech team.nIn the meantime (after staring at the screen for a long time), I realized that there was indeed a screenguard and probably that was scratched and not the screen.nnNot a very good first impression. I feel XOLO needs to improve its packaging.nIgnoring the scratches and hoping that flipkart will come to my rescue, I installed all the apps and contacts from my previous android phone using the SD card. Inserted both SIM and switched it ON. Everything worked perfectly. Here are the things that impressed me:n1. Screen clarity and sharpness is awesome (remember, the phone already has scratches on it atleast on the screenguard).n2. Touchscreen response is great.n3. Screen transition & app load is very fast (1GHZ dual core working in background ;))n4. Loud speaker is also good enough, no distortion while on callsn5. No N/W issuesn6. Finally, 'call' feature works like anyother phone :).n7. Comes with 512 MB RAM, which is sufficient for my usage.nnPretty impressed.nnSOme lesser know facts:nn1. Mobile is capable of playing HD videos (everyone knows this), but will not work out of the box. Youtube HD videos will work without any lag (on 3G). But copy a HD video to SD Card (mine is CLASS 6) and try playing it using the default player, it will not play it most of the time (format not supported error). Now you install MOBO or MPlayer and the video is played but with lag. Installed FLV player and one HD video (flv format) played without a lag. So, the mobile can handle it but may need a better player.n2. Mobile heats up pretty quick. Even with 20 mins usage, there is heat noticed around the camera.n3. That reminds me, the camera is not good enough. I know I shouldn't expect much from 5MP camera, but my Samsung mobile had 3MP cam and worked much better than this one. Artificial ligt & dark environments, the camera just gives up on quality even with flash ON.n4. COMPASS will NOT work. Not a major problem, but you will find it to be an problem when using Google Map.n5. None of the HD games I've tried installs on this mobile, let alone playing one. I've tried Asphalt, Brothers in Arms, etc., they just wouldn't install. Pool Master & Temple Run will work without a hitch (awesome clarit thoh).n6. Did I mention the battery drains out much faster than others. Charging also takes a longer time than usual. I usually charge it in the night and it runs for 1 day for my average use. If you watch a movie, play some music, 2-3 hrs of browsing the net, and make frequent calls then the battery may drain out pretty quick.nnMy problem with the phone:nThe scratches on the screenguard is one major problem for me (so, get it changed, you may say!). I've tried everywhere online and even on the streets, no one seems to have a screen guard that fits this HUGE screen (I like the size of the screen ;) ).nThis is my problem:nnOn 18-Jan, Flipkart tech support called me and asked me to check if it was the screenguard that had the scratches. I told them that is the most likely thing to happen, but I don't want to remove it and check as I don't have a spare one. The tech support insisted me to go ahead and do it, which I did. As assumed, the scratches were only on the screenguard and not on the screen itself. But now, I have a mobile with no screenguard (I tried putting the old one back, but while trying to get all the air bubbles out, I ruined it and had to remove it off completely). My mobile is now vulnerable to scratches, let's see how that goes. Tech Support hasn't got back yet with their solution. Not sure, if they will. :)nnFINAL VERDICT:nnAmazing product, with small problems. A must-buy for anyone wanting a good android device at a less price. Huge screen, amazing processor, awesome speed, nice & sturdy build. I would recommend buying this mobile over all the expensive once with the same (or lesser) configurations from other brands. I compared this with other Samsung, MMX mobiles before placing the order.nnI know I've ignored all the basic features here, but I hope I've covered everything & it's helpful. Good luck! :)

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