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User Reviews for XOLO LT900 LTE

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please read this review carefully and make your own decision

I've seen most of the other reviews.One of them claims that his Xolo LT900 went bad in 5 months.I do not believe this because at the time of writing this review it is january 2014 and the phone was released on the december of 2013.nAs for the phone, I found it to be good.My cousin already own a Xolo handset and he has faced no problems either.Servicing is not a problem.It has a good pixel density(almost 342 ppi) a phone with similar pricing will normally have about 200ppi.A good pixel density ensures clarity in the screen ie the pictures or display is crisp.It has 5 point multi touch which means you can use 5 fingers on the screen at once.The screen has a 720p HD resolution which is quite good and adequate for a phone.It has 1GB of RAM(i found this to be less ie 1GB of RAM is not adequate for phones these days).It is 4G enabled ,which mean your maximum download speed would be 68Mbps(bandwidth) and upload speed would be 17Mbps(bandwidth).The flash on the device is not that great although it has dual LED flash.It has HD recording at 1080p on the main camera and 720p on the front facing camera(face camera).Picture quality is also pretty good.It has 8 GB of phone memory and supports micro SD card till 32 GB.Battery comes to about 13 hours on medium usage in 3G networks.I found the build quality to be good .although the back panel is plastic it seems to be of good quality.The phone is sleek and light too.nnHope this helped:)

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Dont ever go for XOLO. you will suffer with the service. My mobile is in service center since 3 months.

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1810mAh Battery for a 4G device? Not enough

Even though its a 1.5 Ghz dual core device,it is more powerful than all other quad core mediatek devices xolo has shipped up to date. The chipset is a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 plus MSM8960 dual core device coupled with Adreno 225 GPU. It has decent specs for the price.nnIt comes with a 1810mAh Battery.If you are gonna use this on 4G,the battery is sure gonna run out in a day. Rs 9000 device xolo Q700 ships with a mightier 2400mAh one,why can't the include a similar powered battery in this device. !!

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do not buy

do not buy this rubbish service at will have to bribe executives to get stuff done...mind you no parts of xolo are available in the market so getting it fixed from outside is out of the question.... very bad phone went bad in 5 months....stay away buy a known brand with decent after sales...

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No to Xolo !!

This review is not pertaining to this particular model. This review is to give you an idea about that companynXolo a600nLooks are good. Camera is useless. The back cover started degenerating from day 2. The mobile's touch screen failed after 3 months. Its OK, some electronic devices can do fail, it happens. Given at the Service point at Jayanagar Bangalore (Work order 310000446896). When you ask if the set is ready, they will say pls call after 10 days. This is how they reply to emailn"Inconvenience regretted, we have escalated your concern to our backend team. We will get back to you ASAP". Thats all.nThe senior manager at this service center will never take the phone.nAnd finally the set was delivered 2 months later. nIt was a WHITE one instead of the BLACK one that I have given with a used back cover. I have decided to live with it as it is useless to spend more time on this cheap stuff. These people are surviving in these simple principlesnn1) Be good on looks to trap gullible people.n2) Compromise on camera to make it cheap.n3) Dont invest on customer care as it will increase the overall cost of running the 'firm'nThese sort of companies are never going to last...n4) when the market realy flops change the name to Polo and come up with new ad campagin

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