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XOLO Play 8X-1200
Out of Stock
Rs 6,999
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XOLO Play 8X-1200
Out of Stock
₹ 6,999
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Xolo Play 8X 1200

Hi everyone,n i just searched the forums and blogs to find the suitable mobile for my Gaming thirst. This phone is somewhat ok and there are few drawbacks as well.n 1. Heating within 5 - 6 Mins of Game experience.n 2. High end games like NOVA 3 is not supported as promised in the XOLO website specs.n 3. Battery is not a removable type, But mentioned as a removable one.nn other than those issues, it is quite good to use.

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Used Phone

I request to users Please do not buy this phone other than WSRetail seller. This is used phone. Because if you see features of this phone in comparison with other phone, seller not define the features of this phone. nThis is amazing phone, Beat Samsung Note 2 in every manner. But dont purchase this phone from Gadgetzone. Because this phone is used for 4 days.

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Hi, this is Shashank Bhalerao. I recently bought a XOLO PLAY 8X 1200 mobile phone from a mobile dealer at Borivali on 3/10/14. The sole reason why I bought a Xolo mobile phone was because the company in promotion of this particular mobile handset had stated that it had a Octacore processor, and that its other features were far superior in comparison to mobiles in similar segment. The company however conveniently concealed that none of these features functioned effectively within anatomy of their mobile phones. On first time use the mobile started displaying issues such as fast battery discharge, mobile being hung up, failure to run pre installed apps.... Since being put to use the handset would require long hours of battery charging however, once being fully charged the battery would exhaust within 2 - 3 hours. Also, there was an extensive heating problem when used continuously for more than 10-15 minutes.nAs these issues arose within first week of use, I immediately contacted their service center. But to further aggravate my plight, their service executive stated that it would take about 30 - 45 days to rectify the defect and that the mobile was required to be sent to their only service and repair center in India at Noida. Despite having spent crores of rupees on their brand promotion and marketing, the company did not find necessary to have one Repair and Service center in a metro like Mumbai, which has its largest customer base.

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Best phone with awesome specs.

One of the best ph. with awesome specs I have bought eva.nits main (rear) camera is amazing with Dual Led Flash and even front Cam has flash ;) so selfies in dark can be taken now.nplaying Hd games since day one also this ph. is much easier to handel.nThanx Xolo for offering us great specifications at such a low price.

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Good Product .

nice product . built quality is awesome .nspecis are amazing .. nif one doesnt consider the company .. then this an rocking device ..nmy friend owns one and it feels amazing to use.nand moreover design of the phone is pretty attractive .nI recommend to go for it.

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