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XOLO Q1000
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XOLO Q1000
Out of Stock
₹ 13,499
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Bad after sales service

Not even a month has passed & the power button has stopped working.nCustomer care number (1800 3010 0104) is always busynCustomer care executives are not eager to help & are misinformednPick & drop service on paper but not available in realnThey need 5 days to repair a button and won't provide a standby phonnThere is only on e service center in Delhi/NCR. There are some collection points insteadnThe collection points won't repair but send your device to a service center in JanakpurinThey have very few "Collection points" (6 in Delhi, 1 in Gurgaon)nYou won't be allowed to go to the service center directlynnThey will not reply to your specific questions on mails & would repeat some crap like "take backup and drop your defective phone at collection point....."nnI am disgusted & frustrated. Now i am planning to send a consumer court notice.

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XOLO Q1000 Day 2

I am writing my review on Day 2 of possessing my phone.n Full disclosure : n1. Since I like this phone so far, some of my reviews may be out of positive emotions any new gadget can bringn2. I am not a hard-core gamer so my review will be for average to power-users.nnFlipkart :n I think there's no second thoughts here that Flipkart has been exceptional. I ordered this phone on Sunday (2nd June) and got it on 3rd June in the evening. So kudos to Flipkart!nnXOLO Q1000: nThe specs of this phone are wonderful almost akin to Samsung Galaxy S3. Let me point out what the short comings of the actual product are and how big a deal-breaker can they be.nnPhyisical appearance : This phone is quite a handful. Looks very pretty. Operating with one hand might be a slight problem because of the giantness of this phone. Your thumb can stretch and ache a bit moving from one end to another. But then, am not overly worried about it. It's fun. The back of the phone is rich looking but buttery smooth. Butter-fingers need to be careful while handling this, as the phone might pop. Having a phone-case should fix this problem. nnDisplay : Gorgeous. 720p is pretty awesome and the colors look true and running You-tube 720p videos make you jump with the clarity you get. Full marks here.nnSound : Little disappointed here. Make no mistake, I can hear the other party well. But I really need to focus to hear them out well. So, be prepared for a limited volume phone reception. This is not a big deal for me and for people whom this could be, I'd suggest using a headset.nnPerformance: I was using an Apple Iphone3 before this and I didn't find that big a jump in a quad-core processor. Scrolling screens is ultra smooth but there were a few occassions when the phone did take a little more time in fetching data or populating a setting screen that I'd expect. The capacitive buttons too did not respond a few times as the phone was busy processing. I guess this happens is Samsung galaxy also. Again this issue was isolated and at this point ignorable.nnBattery : On day 1, I used up 50 percent in 3 hours. But I was fully browsing and downloading non-stop as any gadget-freak would be fiddlig with their phones on day 1. On day 2, I emptied the fully charged battery in 10 hours. Bug again I was having heavy browsing and downloading. So battery I am sure would last better than this, but being such a monstrous phone with quadcore and 720p display, I don't expect miracles honestly. So expect a full day's charge with moderage usage. nnOn the battery front I noticed two more things. Having both the SIMS loaded will gobble up more battery because the phone has to be in radio contact with two towers. I'd suggest to disable the second one and use it only when absolutely necessary. but then this is my take on it.nThe second thing I noticed is, I tried to drain the battery to empty and then recharge it so that the system recalibrates. I was stunned to notice that the last 1 percent lasted for 40 minutes. I am thinking that the battery was not calibrated at all. So this could be another tip. Drain it the first day to absolute zero and recharge it.nnCamera: didn't experiment in detail. On the surface, it looks strictly okay. Nothing fantastic. I will update this review if possible in days to come.nnOverall am happy with this phone so far. A very good buy if you ignore the few inconveniencess that make this phone.

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xolo has not been able to fix my phone in 40 days....worst service experience of my life.

i gave my phone for servicing on 17th junenafter a week i called customer care nthey had no info of whereabouts of my phonenthey said they will update me on status in 24 hoursnnext day same replynsame on the 3 days furthernafter that they said they have received my mobilen2 days later they send a mail asking the docket numbernon inquiring i came to know that they still had no info about my phonenalso whenever i called they told me not to worry I will get a call once the phone is fixednWell i did not get any callnevery time i called them most of the time they will keep u on hold and disconnect the callnmay be its a system automated cutoff after 10 minutesnalso xolo care number wont connect on the first timenit will reply as the number is not validnhad to dial number for around 50 times in a day to get a chance to talk to customer carenalso they gave u wrong info most of the timesnif u crib a lot they they will give u an assurance of providing a backup phone if which is never deliverednalso u will have to keep on calling them everyday nmy phone was dispatched from service centre to collection point on 3rd july after servicing but i was told that they received my phone on 4th july and it is fixed bt they dont have further information and will take another 48 hours to update on sameni recieved my phone back on 13th july and i came to know thay had not fixed it.nin around 26 days i did not get a single call from xolo care regarding any update on phonenalso it consumes around 1 hour daily of ur time to get any new update regarding your phoneni gave my phone on servicing again hope they will fix it before the warrant endsnwarranty for my phone is expiring in january next yearnplease buy xolo phones if u want it to last at max 6 months coz once it is not working it is dead for evernwhile on the collection point i came to know that the condition is same for others toonxolo phones are gud till they are workingnbut once they stop working only then you will get to know the real meaning of the so called 'NEXT LEVEL'nPlus they do not have any service centre in india where you could go and at least shout for ur phone.All they have is collection pointsnwhere u will be asked to go to call xolo care and get the updatenMy phone is still waiting to get serviced hope i wil be able to use my phone again in this lifetimenxolo has not been able to fix my phone in 40 days....worst service experience of my life...plz dont buy xolo

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XOLO Q1000

Build Quality (4.5/5.0):nnThe Q1000 has a 5" inch display and the phone is 8.8mm thick. It's a slim phone from front to back and it can be handled pretty well given the fact that it comes with such a big display. But ofcourse like other 5" smartphones you can't operate this with only one hand. The plastic used on this display gives a premium feel and the back panel is butter smooth and shiny. You should be careful as it could slip through your hand! The capactive buttons serve well without any glitch. It has Power, volume and camera hard keys. The camera button could have been positioned in a better place. It's not easily accessible. The display used is a dragon trail glass which is completely different from the gorilla glass. It is scratch resistant and it has In plane switching and 5 finger touch. Overall build Quality is good.nnDisplay (5.0/5.0):nnThis is what is the big difference between the Q800 and the Q1000. The price difference is almost 4k between these two phones but the display on this screen compensates it. This is the same dragontrail glass which has been used in the Sony Xperia Z. It has a screen resolution of 1280*720 pixels. It has a vivid and sharp display. The color reproduction is good but it could have been better compared to other brands. You would love to watch HD videos on this screen. The images are so sharp it looks lifelike! The clarity is just mind blowing. The gaming experience on this screen is just too good. You gotta use it to believe it. And the fact that this display comes in a 15k smartphone is just amazing. So full marks for the display!nnPerformance(4.5/5.0):nnThe Q1000 is powered by the 1.2 Ghz Quad-core processor, and has the PowerVR SGX 544 Graphics chipset which is clocked at 286Mhz. The Q1000 runs on the latest Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1 which complements the hardware used on this mobile. The mobile has 1GB RAM and 4GB of internal memory which can be expaneded upto 32GB via a microSD card. The performance is butter smooth on this device. No lags occur even while multitasking. The games run smoothly. I haven't tried many high end games but games like modern combat 4 ran smoothly. The processor chipset used is MT6589 which is same as that of the Q800. I really feel it should have had a better processor as everything is same as the Q800. The Antutu and quadrant benchmarks are similar to the Q800. Also they should have upgraded the graphics chipset is this a 5" screen and requires more juice from the processor. The Q1000 has only 3 sensors. It has Accelerometer, Proximity sensor and Ambient Light Sensor. It's missing magnetometer and gyroscope which are included in the Q800. I don't know why they have not included these sensors. Gyroscope is very much needed in this phone. Maybe they would have did it reduce costs. The accelerometer and the proximity sensors work well. The proximity sensors detects objects 4c-5cm away which i think is not needed . 2cm would have been sufficient. The ambient light sensor is also very sensitive and the display changes the brightness with the lightest change in light intensity. So overall the performance is good, the only let down are the missing sensors and the same specs as the Q800. nnCamera (4.5/5.0):nThe Q1000 comes with a 8MP primary camera with BSI Sensor and 1.2MP front camera which has also BSI sensor. The camera quality is very good. The HDR gives high clarity crisp images and image quality in low lighting is also very good. The front cam is also good. It serves well for video calling. The Video recording quality is too good. You can record videos in 1080P Full HD. This can also play 1080p videos. The camera has got many features like panorama, multi angle view capture, smile detection, face detection, geo tagging, adjusting levels of face beauty, face color and face brightness. It also anti flicker, zero shutter delay and self timer. So overall the camera quality is very good.nnBattery Backup (4.0/5.0):nnThe phone comes with a big 2100mAh battery.The battery lasts a day on moderate gaming, browsing through wifi, music and video playback. The Battery is same as that of the Q800. They could have increased the capacity to 2500mAh as this consumes more power because of the big screen. Also the dual sim consumes a lot of power, it saves a lot of power if you disable one sim. And i have used this with full brightness. So it will last a day on moderate usage. nnnConclusion (4.5/5.0):nnThis phone is worth the money paid. I have heard that xolo customer service is terrible, i haven't had the chance to experience that still :P, when i asked my retailer he told that there is doorstep pickup service available. Anyways i'm not too concerned about the after sales service right now. With the specifications of this mobile at this price its a must buy for everyone who is looking for a budget android smartphone.

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a goodsmart phone!!

I am writing this review after 1 month of usage. This is a very good product.npros:n1) Very good battery backup, 7 hours for heavy usage; more than 2 days for minimal usage !!n2) slim and sleek design and very good built quality. Yet to test the Dragon Trail 5"screen ;)n3) camera quality is very good (full hd)n4) 1080P video play back is very smooth and no lags.n5) Installed and played games like Asphalt7 heat, Dead trigger, into the dead, blood and glory, subway surf, temple run 2, beach buggy, contract killer2, fruit ninja, jetpack joyrio etc. No lags at all.n6) good touch sensitivity, color reproduction is very good.n7) music clarity is good, use 'poweramp' to get a better experience.n8) Browsing is fantastic experience in this phone;nn Phone is little bit slippery and need more care when using with one hand, little worried about the projected back camera, it may easily attract scratches. One more thing, they could have increased the speaker volume and call volume.nnCons:n1) no otg support, no hdmi supportn2) no magmatic sensor n3) no led call notificationn4) no inbuilt call recorder (crashed several call rec. apps) and no inbuilt smart screen lock feature.n5) not good for heavy gamers n6) we cannot move apps from internal or phone storage to sd card. (for normal users like me 4GB internal memory is more than enough)n7) whenever I open google map it shows searching for GPS and it is lagging. nnBut overall performance is very good and value for money!! Go for it... :)

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