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Lenovo A7000
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Lenovo A7000
Out of Stock
₹ 5,499
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Detailed Practical Review of Lenovo A7000

Hello all, I'm writing this review after 80 intense usage hours of Lenovo A7000. My review is only based on the previous gadgets i used, i.e Sony Xperia GO, Sony Xperia Z, Galaxy Grand Duos, Galaxy S3 and iPod 5 Touch. nnBuild Quality, Looks: nIt weighs 140g, and is 7.99mm thick, which feels a lot light in weight and thin in looks when compared to other models i've used, except the iPod Touch. nThough its 5.5inch in size, it is pretty compact in your hands, can access entire phone, and type messages to your friends using your left hand, while you are busy with your right. nComes with a Screen protector, which is good. Lack of Corning Gorilla glass should not be troubling you, as it has Asashi's Dragontail glass in it, which is a Japanese make. Both are equally tough.nnIt has a removable 2900mah Battery which is pretty slim and light in weight. nnFor 9k, it doesn’t look like a cheap phone at all.nnPerformance:nnPerformance is something which makes this phone lot superior than others. Its benchmark in CPU and GPU is close to top 5 Flagship phones available in the market. You can verify the same in google for your reference.nnLet it be multitasking or HD gaming, this phone will not disappoint you. I didn’t face any lag in games or apps even when it was running in low battery. It just begs you to use more.nnVideo Clarity:nnSome people may argue about Apple’s iconic Retina Display being the best among everything, but no, they are just apple fan boys. With all the gadgets I used (Including iPod touch 5), I would rate Xperia Z as the best when it comes to clarity. It’s Bravia Engine 2 is just amazing. nnBut this phone has outsmarted Xperia Z miles ahead. It’s 5.5inch IPS display is insanely vibrant and rich. I know there are more phones in market with better dpis like the JDI, but still I would rate this phone from my eyes. Play a 1080p video in its 5.5 inch screen, you would not hate the worst movie even. nnCamera:nnThis is one of the major setback of this phone. I’m not very sure if it’s the camera app or the camera lens and sensor itself. None of my gadgets ever had such a worst camera which involves Sony, Samsung and Apple. nnLow light pics are going to appear like you shot something out of a VGA camera. With proper day light, it will just give you “Okay” pics. In this case, i just feel like I’m using my iPod touch to take pics, even worst, I would say.nnFor selfies, Beautify function in camera app does some justice. nnWhile being useless in pics, Video clarity seems to better, well truly, a lot better. Shoots excellent 1080p videos.nnDon’t buy this phone by keeping those 5MP SC and 8MP PC in mind.nnAudio:nnThis is setback number 2. This phone is being marketed with a tag “World’s first phone to feature Dolby ATOMS”, I would say, my Galaxy Grand Duos sounds better than this phone.nnWhen they mean, Dolby ATOMS, they mean a less sensitive, more pathetic mobile app and not the hardware. nnI always rated Samsung phones as the worst when it comes to audio, but this just beats them.nnThose stock earphones are lot horrible than those you get with Chinese and Korean mobiles 8-10 years back. nnNow the real question is, can it be rectified? Yes, you can. nnJust tweak those equalizer settings of your Dolby ATOMS app and the music player you use. I suggest installing VLC instead of that Google Play Music app, which comes preinstalled.nnOnce you are done tweaking on both of these apps, (ATOMS and VLC), you are all set. I could bring my Xperia’s sound in this phone after tweaking these equalizers, provided you have a decent earphone and not the stock ones. I tested with a basic stock earphone of my Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos and Sony Xtra Bass MDR-XB50AP. nnBut still as its all restricted to frequency changes, only in the software(app), earphones like Sony Xtra Bass MDR-XB50AP (which I use for my other gadgets) are useless.. It just can’t provide that dynamic range due to lack of dedicated hardware, which these higher end earphones demand. nnSpeaker is pretty, loud and crisp, I would definitely give a good rating for that. It has two microphones, one with noise isolation and one without. nnBattery:nnThis is something more important when it comes to an Android smartphone. With intense usage of approx. 50% of browsing and chatting, 30% of videos and music, 20% of games, I got a battery backup of 7 hours. When I mean intense usage, I didn’t take my hands off it even for a minute. nSo for a normal usage, you can expect for an entire day. nnnnThat’s it about this phone. You can buy this phone for it’s incomparable performance, fabulous display, and compact build. Audio can be tweaked, battery backup is very good minding its performance, and I didn't find a solution yet for the camera. It's best deal you would get for such a price tag. nHope it helped someone. Thanks for reading.

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Please........ DONT TRUST FLIPKART...........

I got this phone day before yesterday and i am getting problem of data loss in this handset. when I called to flipkart customercare they just denied to take it back.... they gave the issue of third party for not taking the product back................. Please dont buy any electronic product from flipkart as if u dont like it, they dont take it back........... i am a very old customer of flipkart... but this time flipkart has disappointed me too much........ I will never use this site again.......

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Very good phone at budget but bad back camera on lowlightindoor conditions

!!!This phone is not for Camera lovers !!! Though alternatives are available to overcome the issue. nGot the phone within 2 days. Trust me I used it like anything for 1 week to test everything. Will edit my review on daily basis.nPros:n1. Screen clarity and sunlight legibility 9/10n2. Weight, build quality and design 8/10n3. Dolby Atmos audio quality with our own headset 9/10n4. Battery back up is greatn5. Charging time is also good for 2900mAH... 1.5A adapter (trust me good quality)n6. USB cable (good quality) & screen guard providedn7. Vibe UI is attractive and useful. Internal security apps also goodn8. Edit 23/4/15 - Received two back to back updates a.90+MB, b. 15+MB (not sure if this fixes notification area and heat issues) - Good lenovo is taking care of its customers.n9. Edit 25/4/15 - Wifi range is very good. My 5Mbps broadband is accessible through laptop hotspot mode even at 30-40 foot range with full strength. (I get 600Kbps when face towards router outside my house and 160kbps when I face opposite direction to the router) - 9/10n10. As everyone said I also complained on audio output and wrote a negative comment on it. Now I regret it, you have to enable Dolby feature and change the mode to MUSIC and configure(play with it) the graphic equalizer to set you mood. It will amplify the sound. Though it is not great but it's good. - 7.5/10 nCons:n1. Heats up easily on heavy use (After OTA updates, I didn't find this issue)n2. Phone freezes if u use it while copying any data from computern3. Lags at timesn4. Back cam is pathetic 6/10 (I'm not expecting DSLR for 9K, but at least should be able to beat the competitors). Front cam is good (7/10)n5. Edit 21/4/15 - Tested Camera quality with my friend's Moto X 1st gen, ROFL my Lenovo A7000 is far better than that.. LOLn5.1 Edit 23/4/15 - Outdoor pics are good. Indoor/low light pics are bad. Use Camera 360/Google camera for better result.n6. second SIM is 2G onlyn7. Edit 21/4/15 - Bugs with Notification area, it will freezes touch screen and volume buttons. Power button works (lock and unlock is the solution). - After OTA update I didn't find thisn8. After two OTA updates, identified there is a significant battery drain issue. strange.n9. Youtube (updated version) doesn't support 1080p video streaming. It only supports 720p.n10. Though it claims 8GB ROM, most of the space eaten up by OS & inbuilt apps. You will be left hardly with 3.5GB space.

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A true review from a true buyer

Got the phone on 03 May & using over 3 weeks. After going through a lots of review, i purchased this phone based on its specifications only as the reviews are mixed with good & bad comments both which are enough to puzzle anybody. Before all i say about the phone, i want to say two things to the negative reviewers:-nn1) A high end smartphone needs proper maintenance & handling from the user. So to get optimum output in overall performance one need to know how to customize the phone according to their requirement (this phone is highly customizable).nn2) In the Antutu benchmark this phone scores more than 43000, which is much higher than many high end & high budget phone priced over Rs. 20,000.nnNow i am sharing my experience with the phone:-nnLooks & Feel: This phone looks like a premium phone priced over Rs. 20,000 & its classy design will definitely attract anyone.Moreover this is very slim (8 mm) & light weighted phone (140 Gms only). nnScreen: It is having a PPI of 267 but the screen is very bright & crisp. I have seen many similar phones of Asus, Xiaomi, Samsung but its display is very charming & better than those. I have found not much difference in display quality with Samsung A7 super amoled to it. The screen is large but easy to hold in one hand. The screen comes with an auto brightness display option & Dragontail glass protection which gives you an anti scratch & anti damage protection. This protection is somewhere equivalent between Gorilla glass 2 & 3, i.e. better than Gorilla glass 2 but lower than Gorilla glass 3. Believe me its an amazing experience with the display of the phone.nnAndroid Lollypop OS: Its a nice experience with more new GUI & features than Kitkat OS.nnPerformance : Its buttersmooth with a true octacore processor. RAM is always free around 1GB.I have installed more than 160 apps, but never seen a single lag even while more than 15 apps are running in the background. Gaming graphics & performance is awesome, & flawless.nnCamera : Rear camera is good in sunlight & at night with dual flash also. Dual flash is very powerful. Video recording is very nice even with flash light its very clear. Rear camera is very good for selfy & video calling purpose. I loved the feature of taking photo with voice command!!!nnBattery : Battery is very good. Usage are as follows:n4.5-5.0 hrs continuous gaming. or,n5.5-6.0 hrs continuous surfing/downloading on 3G. or,n7.0 hrs of HD movie playback. or,n14.0 hrs of music playback. or,napprox 8.5 hrs of normal operation.nnIt can easily stand up for 1.5 days with moderate use and 1 day of heavy use.nDifferent power saving mode are there also like normal saving mode, intelligent saving mode & ultra saving mode. Charging time 2.0 to 2.5 hrs.nnNetworks: one sim supports 4G/3G/2G & the other is 2G only. Both sim are micro sim. network reception is very good including wifi.nnSound: Phone comes with one screen protector & one headphone. Truely saying headphone is not good enough for music lovers. But what i was amazed of is DOLBY ATMOS feature, its awesome. even if you configure with the out of the box headphone you can feel the difference!With a premium quality headset this feature will definitely amaze you. It is strongly recommended to purchase a good quality headset supported with the model.nnVideo Quality : HD quality video in this phone is a truly priding experience. Flawless, smooth and detailing are very much enjoyable.nnOther remarkable features:n1) Cast screenn2)USB OTGn3)Removable batteryn4)All the sensors except temperature & barometric sensor.n5)Many types of gesturen6)Call recordingn7)SD card movable apps (I m using 32 GB strontium class 10 with out any flaw)n8) & many many more.....nnRegarding heating problem: any high end phone should have a little heating problem due to its high performance. This phone is not different, it heats a little bit but never more than 38 degree which is normal due to high usage of CPU. One fact i m saying, during usage of your laptop/desktop, CPU inside heats much more than this temperature.

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Awesome room heater with calling facility

You can definitely go for A7000 if you live in cold places like antartica because it works flawlessly as room heater even the most costliest room heaters cant beat it. You can invest on A7000 instead of a room heater

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