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Lenovo K6 Power 4GB RAM
Out of Stock
Rs 8,999
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Lenovo K6 Power 4GB RAM
Out of Stock
₹ 8,999
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Pretty good

It's a week that I have been using this phone. Lenovo K6 Power 4GB RAM dark grey. Let's start with what's wrong. 1. MICROPHONE! It's not like the microphone is all messed up or anything, but a strange observation was made; it worked normal when WhatsApp(or any other VoIP) audio/voice call were made. But when there were normal calls, the person on the other side faced problem in hearing it clearly, complained about the voice was from very far or was robot like. Similar thing happened when a video call was made. Otherwise the microphone was working fine. Not sure if this is a software (if the software is not able to utilise the microphone clearly) or a defective microphone thing. 2. PHOTOS DIDN'T GET SAVED! It's really strange that there were many instances where the photos were clicked and showed as saved but were actually not saved! To my surprise many of my good shots just disappeared. Now I have to check each time I click that if they were getting saved. 3. THE GRIP! Since it has very smooth metal back, it is vulnerable to slip and fall. This could of course be improved by getting a cover. Also, initially you might find your phone to heat up but that will go away with time. So what was good. 1. BATTERY! 2 days straight without charging. 2. RAM MANAGEMENT! Even though there is only 3.6GB of RAM available out of 4. Still it works real smooth. 3. DISPLAY! Awesome full HD display will leave you in awe. 4. DOLBY ATMOS! Some quality of surround sound! You might just start to flow with the music. 5. CAMERA! Some crispy camera you will have in your pocket. Overall everything is working good. It's just the microphone thing that annoys me sometimes and I have to speak louder and very near to the microphone to be clearly heard. Use of earphones with microphone will also help. But still you can't carry them all the time. Like and promote the review if you like it ☺

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Really Nice

I have been using this phone for 2 weeks now. Advantages - 1)Value for money. Good budget phone. 2)Battery back up is great. 3)Display is great. 4)Sound quality is better. Disadvantage - 1) Earphones are not up to mark. 2) Screen went blank 2 times.Reason unknown. 3) Its lil bit heavy. Overall good budget phone.

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Highly recommended

Nice thing

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Really Nice


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Nothing to complain, it's been just a day and I can feel that I'm going to like his product exceedingly. So far so good will definitely update if anything changes in my opinion. Great battery, screen, software, camera, super sound, zippy fast ram, great multitasking, Hardly any Cons. Vis hybrid sim, and since it was hybrid could have offered 64 fb Rom., And could have supported fast charging, But that was already known before I made my purchase. So can't say I found any negatives. All in all a great purchase.

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