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Lenovo K900 32GB
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Lenovo K900 32GB
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Awesome phone at great price

UPDATE: Deeply disappointed by Lenovo's software update policy. No updates for K900 beyond 4.2 which is ridiculous. I dont want to be installing Chinese Vibe ROMs on a phone i bought in English. Buy with this understanding that Lenovo did not support its phone even for 6 months after launch.nnK900 is a good phone with great specs priced well below competition. nnBuild: The metallic look of the phone looks good and solid, but the bezel on the phone makes it look longish. However the metallic back did get scratches even from car plastics when kept at the edge. Didnt like that on a new phone. Ordering a flip case for that because the phone is slippery too. The buttons feel pretty solid, lot better than the nexus one and Note i have previously owned. The phone looks ok/good but i wouldnt say it matches or competes with HTC one/Blackberry latest say (though they are smaller and not comparable). Quality of accessories supplied is also way better than the ones that came with Samsung Note IMHO.nnDisplay: I was having doubts about display quality before purchasing and after switching from Note 1. But this one is an awesome display. Bright, crisp and responsive. IMHO this one did a better job in outside sunlight visibility than the Note 1. Also compared it with amoled display of Toshiba excite tablet (which i believe was very good) and K900 was way brighter. Regarding crispness and resolution, this one looks great althought i never could find issues with lower resolution phones too. 5 stars for the display. Fonts for some of the things like The H at the top in the notification bar could have been handled better.nnPower: Am not much into gaming. But the phone in general is very responsive in browsing, maps, general dialling etc. Reason for me selling the Note 1 was partly attributed to the very long time it used to take for opening the contacts. This one feels way more responsive in those tasks. Although the stock launcher i felt was a bit sluggish in some of the effects like cube rotate, it was good and responsive in others and so am using one of those. I tried Nova Launcher and that worked just great. However i switched back to the stock launcher because of some of the nice effects in the app tray etc. Other applications like email, Flipboard etc that i use more often work just great. Refreshes and Flipboard stories were opening faster than on my Note. The phone does get warm however after heavier long duration usage, but that happened on Note 1 too.nnCamera: This one is a good camera with plenty of settings. The pictures i took in room in day light were pretty clear. Liked the panaroma mode in the camera. Havent used the camera very extensively as of now but after some usage i am positive about the companies claims about the camera. The front camera also gives a wider angle compared to my tablet as claimed. Lenovo has also customized the Gallery software which was to my liking.nnVoice quality: Call quality is ok and audible, but not on the louder side i would say. I havent faced problems till now, but i liked the one on Note better. The ringtone loudness however is louder/better than Note. nnSoftware: The phone comes with most of the required software along with Playstore (you dont need to root in the Indian model) and a few good widgets. Contrary to what i have read on a lot of reviews, I liked lot of customizations that Lenovo has done. App tray, launcher, time widget, icon customizations, Messaging customizations all felt good. Dialer was good, but look and feel of the dialer needs improvement. The ability to record conversations as you are talking and dialing is great. The launcher looks good after i changed the wallpaper and put a Galaxy S4 optimized wallpaper from playstore. But the Novo launcher definitely is much faster than the Lenovo default and was also much more responsive than the Samsung touchwiz in Note. I didnt like the icons and color scheme of the dialer and settings screen and also missed the swipe to call gesture of Note in the dialer. Chrome which comes installed by default along with Android browser worked great and i believe i would be using it as the default. nEDIT: Rooted this phone. It was so damn easy Just download the ROM to sdfuse folder in the phone and sdupdate. Installed the font to read Punjabi.nnBattery life: Battery life in the 4 days of my usage felt good. They have done lot of optimizations i believe to enhance battery. This is no scientific statement, but based on observations of pending battery at various times of the day, i believe it would have outlasted the Note 1. Battery app is very good. Liked the usage representation by hardware and software.nnnAt the end, its the price which makes it a very attractive buy. I did not consider Note 2 because i didnt like its display over Note 1 that i was owning. Also in my small check at the store, i felt a perceivable delay in opening contacts like the Note 1.

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reply to rajesh

Buddy...the camera is the most advanced you will find in any mobile. the aperture size is the highest and low lights shots are the best . Its a sony camera ...cannot be ordinary by any standards . watched expert reviews worldwide for this phone . suggest you watch them too

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Amazing phone at this price!

I bought this phone from flipkart. Had been using it for 2 weeks now and here's how I feel.nnDisplay & Looks - The display is crisp and clear. At 400+ppi its one of the best you can get. Though the sunlight legibility is not up to the mark. Looks wise this phone is a stunner. Whenever I take it out of my pocket it becomes a head turner.nPS- The phone fits easily in my pocket.nnPerformance & UI - The phone does all my daily tasks effortlessly. It runs almost all the applications. The UI is great and its got a ton of customization options. I bet you'll never get boared of it. The only issue is that the lenovo UI takes a lot of RAM (around 800mb). But, there are plenty of launchers available to chose from the play store.nnCamera - I have no issues with the camera. Its not the best, but is up to the mark as lenovo guaranteed. The back 13mp camera provides works great in daylight and takes nice low-light images (better than most of the phones in the market!). Those saying about the poor quality of the camera must consider that the phone has 1080p (2mp) screen. So, you wont get to zoom-in the picture as much as you do on a phone with 720p or WVGA screen!! There are a lot of in-camera effects to chose from. For some effects the resolution is reduced to 5-6mp. In my opinion the camera is perfect for casual photographers and for those who want to upload pictures on Fb, twitter, etc. The front camera is really a wide angled one as Lenovo said. The only problem i faced with the camera is that it takes a while to autofocus. The phone also heats a bit while using the supercamera app.nnMemory - The phones got 16gb internal memory out of which around 11.5gb is available. There is no expansion slot. This sucks especially if you are a music and gaming freak like me :( . I had to compromise a lot on my music collection! Out of the 2gb RAM around 1.1gb is available if you use the lenovo stock UI. I also tried the USB OTG functionality. It works great with my pendrive but, unfortunately it dosen't support my seagate ExternalHDD.nnAudio Quality - The audio output is crisp and the sounds are perfectly produced. The headphones supplied with the phone are of somewhat low-quality. But, most of the music lovers like me already own a good pair of headphones, so, its not a problem with me. The phone works perfectly with my Monster Purity headset :)nnGaming - The phone packs an intel 2ghz clovertrali+ dual-core processor with hyperthreading along with a 1080p display which make it sound almost perfect for any gamer out there. I've played a lot of games on my phone. Games like Subway surf, Temple Run, Dispicable Me Ran effortlessly. N.O.V.A 3 also ran flawlessly. While playing GANGSTAR Vegas it shows lag at high and very high graphic settings. But, it runs without a lag on medium graphic settings. Some of the games are not optimised for intel processors. RR3 dosent work properly and crashes after sometime.nThere is a heating problem (due to the metallic back casing) but, that dosent bother me!nnBenchmarks - the phone scores 5900 on quadrant, 21.5k on antutu( updated version), 59fps on epic citadel, 8.7fps and 31fps in glbench T-rex and Egypt respectively.nnVideo Playback & Web browsing - The phone played every video codec I tried to play. The playback quality is one of the best among all the smartphones. I usually rely on wifi connection have no issues with web browsing.nnBattery - The phone comes with Lenovo power manager which is an amazing feature. The battery lasts me almost a day on normal usage which include abt 2hrs of music playback, 1/2-1 hour of gaming, 1/2 hour of web surfing and 10-20 min of calls. The battery drains quite fast while doing heavy tasks such as gaming. The phone also heats a bit while charging.nnBottom Line - The phone is an amazing package at an astonishing price. Lack of nfc and 4g isn't an issue in India. The phone easily fits in the price category of 30-35k. At 28k its a steal. I believe Lenovo should focus more on advertising rather than dropping its price. If the Non-Expandable memory and a big screen dosen't bother you, than this phone is perfect for just about anybody.

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Worst phone ever purchased

I liked the phone when i first saw it on air.But as they say don't go by happened exactly same for me..quite honestly... drawbacks r :n1. Heating issue for no reason(very irritating)n2. frequent restartsn3.battery percentage never changes(need frequent calibration)..(It troubled me a lot when it got switched off for no reason and I was in Delhi airport that time and was virtually disconnected in new city).n4.Lastly which pushed me to write a review.,,today it got shut down for no reasons and never started after that.I tried everything to start it but nothin helped.Checked blogs and googled and got to knw other users are also facing same issue.What more to add in panic list I am still not able to find a service center in mumbai for that and it made me so pissed off that i just ordered moto X with one day delivery option frm flipkart.nHope one day it starts(off-course after wasting 2-3 grands more) and I will sell this piece of shit.

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Stay away from this phone !!

About 6 months ago I bought this phone, pretty much against the advice from people around me and I am now paying for not paying heed to them before.nWithin 4 months it started showing symptom of charging issues (like USB charging pin problem, no increase in charge even if shows charging status for hours) and a strange problem of draining out battery when kept switched off overnight.nNext step was to find a service center which was pretty difficult and they straightway said that the motherboard was faulty and they asked for another board from the factory and it can take weeks. I can't even follow up as I need to go away for my work.nThe battery was a problem from the beginning. It drained out pretty quickly (within hours) with HD video/Wifi/games and got pretty hot within minutes.nThis phone lures people with it's specs vs price deal but believe me guys, goods things mostly come with a good price. This was my 3rd mobile and the previous 2 (from Nokia) ran for 4 good years each and they refused to go wrong and it was I who had to leave those for upgraded models. So, you can't really say I'm a poor handler.

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