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LG G3 16GB
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LG G3 16GB
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PROS: LG is the best brand in india and the last years LG G2 was Indias phone of the year 2013 because LG dosent cheat its customers like shamesung (samsung) and show ney (sony) do. Samsung cheats us Indians by selling us cheap octacore exynos processors and plastic bodies found in micromax and other chineese phones. Samsung sells its good 'Snapdragon' processors in european countries like the us, uk etc cos the people there cant be fooled. SONY phones have mother board complaints i suffered this. LG g3 is way better than HTC M8's only 4 ultra pixel camera. ultra pixel cameras are good but 4 ultra pixel is not good when Zooming, cropping & when comparing to LG G3's 13mp camera. My friend just send his HTC ONE X to banglore a few weeks back because the phone is not accepting the sim.HTC dont have MORE servicing centeres like LG. So HTC has downsides too. The LG G3 and it offers the best processor in the world now snapdragon 801 with 2.5ghZ speed & display in the indian market now. its guest mode is just awesome because we can choose what a guest user can view in our phone including the apps, files etc and the best part is we can create anew viewing mode for them we can hide anything we want from anyone.the super sharp 2K 1440p piexl screen is the best we can get and G3 has the most ppi ie 538ppi . so the screen will be more better. The phone has screen in 90% of its body so no almost bezels its so beautiful with metal finish & its only big as a 5 inch phone but has 5.5 inches of screen.. The camera is very very fast& clear becos of laser focus, OIS & can record ULTRA HD videos by pausing& continuing also & is good in night.its android Kitkat.. the Speaker has in built amplifier & has 1 watt power. The key board is adjustable in any height, 128GB sd support, removable battery.Talktime upto 21hours. G3 Is very future proof. Easy to hold design, good headset, good build, NFC support,power saving mode, we can take a selfie by showing our hand to the screen and when the G3 dectects the hand we can take a selfie photo, good smart multitasking, no lags, 4G LTE, adreno 330 graphics, smart notification we can read the full notification when using internet or videos, notification Led, more screen customisations like we can select our home screens, screen siZe etc. Loud ear speaker for calls, good range for wifi & sim provider, Infra red for using as remote.. the case is good we can know time, notifictions etc. lg g3 is BETTER Than any phones available till date now................ LG even brought a flexible phone to India the LG G FLEX.. its screen, body etc is flexible, the screen does not break due to impact due to the curved body. So guys LG is the future. If you guys dont believe this Just go to LG G2 comments & samsung note3 & S5 comments you can see 100% positive feed back on LG g2 & g3 & only 20% positive feedback on these samsung phones. My 10 year old LG RELIaNCE PHONE IS IN GOOD WORKING EVEN NOW BUT MY 2 YEaR OLG SaMSUNG PHONE GOT MaNY MaJOR COMPLaINTS. nokia is also a good phone if u love windows os . People who bought these samsung phones are now crying due to their mistake . CONS: ONLY 5 MIN 4K Ultra hd recording like S5 or Xperia. but we can record again in LG G3. , Have to use a case or pouch in case of doubt of accidental falling because of the 90% of screen there is no body part to absorb the impact if the phone falls sideways or screen facing down. Conclusion: Guys you can buy the G3 with your eyes closed ith the best phone money can buy when you are in india. Dont get mislead by others guys. thank you im from KERALA, TRIVANDRUM, PAPPANAMCODE. 1

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LG is the Future of Mobile Phones

Stunning looksnPowerful SpecsnPremium FeelnDefinitely iPhone & HTC M8 KillernnSamsung your time is over.

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Pretty decent phone

In reply to review by 'bigbadbrad'.nFirstly Advantages of G3 over S5:n1. 4G connectivityn2. 3GB RAMn3. Higher Resolution hence, higher Pixel Densityn4. Better GPU.n5. Better battery life.nnAdvantages of S5:n1. Water Resistant (1 m..!!!??)n2. Octa-core processor (not much difference) as the clock speed of cores is too low and 4 cores are A7 (century old architecture).nnAlso, Samsung has not yet released SM-G900I(LTE version) in India, and will release at 51,000 and will decrease the price at the rate of Rs. 1000 daily(as always).nnAlso, Mediatek released True Octa Core first based on 28nm technology. The previous Octa core by Samsung did not run all 8 cores at a time. Hence, don't rant about Micromax and all.nnG3 much better phone than S5!!

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Well, go to Korea and buy it !!

The price is too high, although it has become a trend for flagship phones these days, but since Motorola has started releasing super cheap but super awesome phones, I will wait a bit to get a flagship from Moto rather than these companies who are robbing Indians.nThe prices are fairly low in US and even UK market, and guess what Korea gets, an additional 3000 mAh battery with a wall charger, or table charger whatever, and a damn antenna for TV, like those of cheap Chinese phones ... but still, you get extra for almost half price. nThe phone is great, the display is unreal, but hey, it costs barely 10-15k for LG to build this phone, like all other flagships across all other big names, I know we are Indians, and we tend to fall for the trap and be fooled by foreigners, rather we enjoy being fooled. But isn't that just too much of a leap in last few months ? Jumping flagships from 35k to 45k, a total 10k jump, I know you're rich, your father earned a lot of black money, or you just don't care about your excess money or what your father has, but why in the name of the "Logic God" do you have to feed these greedy dogs with so much money when there are other options ? Which aren't as superior as these, but do not charge 4 times more than make price of course.

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The Killer !! D

Hi Friends !!nnThis is my first ever review and i am glad that its on this master piece.nIts got everything necessary:-n1.Incredible looksn2.Premium feeln3.Beast specsn4.No partiality (Samsung giving us Indians craply processed phones with no 4g) nnUnlike Samsung and Sony it gives us 4g and not something like that exynos processor.nnIts been a month i bought this phone (not from flipkart)nAnd trust me guys i am very-very happy.nnAdvantages of this phone against the rest:-n1. 3 GB ram. (best for multi tasking)n2. Qhd (2k resolution) so cool.n3. 4g connectivity. n4. Superb GPU.n5. Laser autofocus (swift shots ) very helpfull.n6. The most important for me ....Long Battery. (3000 mAH)nnnGuys samsung is over .........but soon comming with its Note Edge and Note 4 ..lets see.... ;)

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