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LG Optimus L3 E400
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LG Optimus L3 E400
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Great But not The Best

Many of the reviews here say that this phone is better than htc explorer and galaxy y i would like to compare it feature by featurennDisplaynHTC-3.2 inch 480*320 reslolutionnSamsung-3 inch 320*240 nLG-3.2 inch 320*240nn--HTC id the clear winner,some might say that screen resolution is not important but it is, colours are more vivid video experience is much better and reading text is also easynnProcessornHTC-600 mhz and an Adreno 200 gpunLG-800 mhz but NO GpunSamsung-832 mhz but NO gpunnNo clear winner but having a gpu is much better than nonennRAMnhtc- 512 mb nLG-384mbnsamsung-290mbnnHTC explorer is the clear winnernnCameranHTc-3.15 mp Fixed FocusnLG-3 mp FIxed FocusnSamsung y-2 megapixels FFnHTc is the winner but not by much marginnnBatterynHtc-1230mahnLG-1500mahnSamsung-1200mahnL3 is the clear winnernnUInHtc-Htc sense 3.5nLG-Custom UInsamsung-TouchwiznHTc is the clear winner as sense is considered better than touchwiznnInternal memory is not that much important as you can install most of your apps in the SD card but 1gb does help also L3 only supports 3g upto 3.6 mbps while the other two support upto 7.2 mbpsnnn_______--CONCLUSION--_________nNow giving the verdict i will say that you should prefer htc explorer but L3 is not much behind, but you should definitely NOT buy galaxy y.

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not a good product

it has almost all features but absolutely no effect to say a good android phonenvery few prosn1.1gb internal memoryn2.supports adobe flash restart several times automatically which makes a horrible experience.n2.horrible camera quality at bad light and night.3mp camera is worse than normal 2mp cameran3.very bad sound quality though its good through headphone n4.ram is 384 mb but user can access only 160-170 mbn5.very slow internet experience even a 2k nokia java phone has faster internet graphics card, u can not play a game of more than has 800mhz processor but speed is not good.n8.big sizenand many morennso i recommend never buy this phone,rather go for samsung galaxy y or htc explorer.LG is not a good android phone yet.

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waste of money time..the phone is soo annoying it will take u to d point of suicide

All my frnds were proud of me dt i got an android phone for 7400 2 weeks back...and now i knw y d hell it came for 7400..nits utter NONSENSE..nhas only 154 mb of system memory so u have to keep deleting apps again and again..ndsnt support angry birds or temple run..or any popular game for that matter..nthey have lied about the 3mp camera i bet its nt evn VGA..nbattery is also nt dt great have to recharge evryday..nmusic quality is average..'nbut the most annoying thing is dt it hangs alotnit restats wheneva it feels lyk..2-3 tyms a day..nsoo if u have atlst sme brains unlike me plz o plz dnt eva buy dis phone.

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The Worst phone ever Purchased...

I have bought LG Optimus L3 a week before. I thought of buying Samsung Galaxy Ace but changed my decision because of low price. nPros: Large Internal Memory of 1 GB.n Good responsive Touchn Long Battery Life- It can go without charging for 2 daysnnCons: Worst Camera- It has the worst camera. The camera is 3 MP only name. It is worst than a VGA camera. The images comes totally blur. If zoomed the pixels burst out. Prev i had Samsung Wave 525, it had the best camera. Now i feel like throwing the phone away. nn Wrost Sound- It has a single speaker for calls and music in the front. The sound from music is too low. If u move 4-5 metres away you will hardly abale to detect the sound in full volume. n n Wrost Internet Speed- The phone is too slow connecting the internet. Most of the time it fails to connect. It takes around 5 mins to open the google home page. Downloading speed in 2G is just 6-7 kbps. Worst!nn Worst Memory- The system memory is only 160 MB and you have to keep on deleting apps. If the System Memory is less than 10 MB, then neither you can add any contacts nor you can send messages. You cannot move the system files to your External SD. nn No HD video support!nnnnSo, I suggest everyone who is thinking to buy this phone. Please, please dont waste your money in buying this hell. Instead you can go to Samsung Galaxy Pocket, which is much better. It totally a crap.

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This phone has ram of about 390mb, it has "INTERNAL MEMORY" of 1gb but the actual memory where you can store apps is ONLY 157mb and it is called "SYSTEM MEMORY". So in reality u have only 157mb space to download apps, the 1gb internal memory is like an inbuilt microSD card n its not for storing the apps its for storing music n videos. It seems confusing but is true. Only way to increase memory is to root the phone but that will void the warranty of phone.No other problem with phone, it has no issue but it wont store 1gb worth of apps, the company is purposely confusing you.

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